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...As you read about Bosnia and Kosovo in your daily newspapers I remind you of the words of Socrates spoken at his trial in his own defence: "I do not know what effect my accusers have had upon you gentlemen but for my own part I was almost carried away by them; their arguments were so convincing. On the other hand scarcely a word of what they said was true."....

субота, 19. март 2011.

B92 - News - Opposition holds rally in central Serbian town

B92 - News - Opposition holds rally in central Serbian town

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Opposition holds rally in central Serbian town

19 March 2011 | 13:50 | Source: FoNet
ČAČAK -- A part of the opposition organized an anti-government rally in the central Serbian town of Čačak today.

Aleksandar Vučić
Aleksandar Vučić

According to the organizers, about 10,000 citizens were present at the rally.

The rally was organized by the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and its coalition partners.

“Our patience is slowly running out,“ said SNS deputy leader Aleksandar Vučić, adding that “nobody can put up with the Serbian government anymore“.

“Our children need future. We want more investments in Serbia. Investors want to come to a place where they can make profit,“ he stressed.

According to him, the SNS and its coalition partners have plently to offer, including honesty, more investments and new, different laws.

“There is no future without work, there is no room for future without more jobs. This government has not done anything in the previous period,“ the SNS deputy leader pointed out.

He also added that his party would not take over the power by force and that it would do it by peaceful means.

“We are not going to leave from the rally on April 16 until the government changes its decision. The present regime needs to realize that Serbia is not for sale and that they can't buy it,“ Vučić stated.

“We are trying to create normal conditions in Serbia,“ he said and announced that the government would have to “answer to the citizens for robbery, corruption and crime“.

“Our job is to provide the elections, win the elections, and then create a normal Serbia and provide more jobs,“ the SRS deputy leader pointed out.
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Saturday, 19 March 2011
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