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...As you read about Bosnia and Kosovo in your daily newspapers I remind you of the words of Socrates spoken at his trial in his own defence: "I do not know what effect my accusers have had upon you gentlemen but for my own part I was almost carried away by them; their arguments were so convincing. On the other hand scarcely a word of what they said was true."....

субота, 02. април 2011.

World goes back to pre-war condition of 1939 - English pravda.ru

World goes back to pre-war condition of 1939 - English pravda.ru

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World goes back to pre-war condition of 1939


43895.jpegNATO is significantly increasing its military presence in the Black Sea basin. According to the head of the European Command of the Armed Forces U.S. Admiral James Stavridis, U.S. Marine Corps will expand its activities in the Black Sea region.

According to the official version of Stavridis, who, incidentally, at the same time holds the position of Supreme Allied Commander (OER) of NATO in Europe, the increase in the number of U.S. Marines is due to the need for training of the allied forces for their further deployment to Afghanistan.

According to Stavridis, in 2011 the U.S. has planned various kinds of interaction with as many as 14 Black Sea region countries, to include the preparation of the Armies of partner states for deployment to Afghanistan and training their sergeant staff.

However, he did not specify which countries he had in mind. Even if we were to include Moldavia in the list of the countries of the Black Sea region, there would not be as many as 14 states. Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia have full access to the Black Sea.

The interaction with the Russian side is obviously not planned. Perhaps, Stavridis had in mind the countries of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation that include Armenia, Azerbaijan, Greece, Serbia and Albania? In this case we have only 11 potential partners of America in the region. Moreover, Armenia and Serbia are reluctant to send their troops to the Afghan war.

Stavridis may have included Poland to the list of the Black Sea region countries. According to his confession, along with two Georgian battalions, his subordinates have prepared a couple of Polish brigades. Given the old dream of the Polish elite to be stretching "from one sea to another," it is clearly not opposed to be among the Black Sea region countries. Yet, this does not give an exhaustive answer about Washington's plans in the region.

Even more questions arise concerning the preparation for the Afghan operation. First, the Georgian military will be prepared for operations against the Taliban not in Afghanistan but at home, although the terrains of the two countries differ markedly.

Second, according to Stavridis, the parties have already commenced joint exercises. In the course of the exercise the forces of the U.S. Navy practiced the use of unmanned aerial vehicles that ran on board the ships, and other maneuvers. A key role was played by warships that clearly practiced strikes at the coast. It also seems a bit strange, because even if they wanted, they would not be able to send the fleet to Afghanistan.

At the same time, the Royal Marines of the British Royal Navy are conducting strange trainings with their Ukrainian counterparts near the main base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

The trainings are held in the Old Crimea, at the base of the Black Sea Marine Corps training center of coastal defense troops of the Ukrainian Navy. According to the legend of the maneuvers, they represent "workshops to share experiences in carrying out peacekeeping missions."

What are the real objectives pursued by NATO countries in the region? A captain of 1st rank, 1st Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical Issued answered this question for Pravda.ru: "The Americans, in addition to the preparation of cannon meat from the satellite countries for participation in the punitive operations against Afghanistan, are preparing for combat action in the Black Sea area.

This time it will no longer be a local conflict like the war of 2008, but a large-scale war. It suffices to recall the statement made by head of the Academy of Military Sciences Gareev on March 26 where he touched upon this topic.

In addition, this same conclusion can be drawn from the available data on building groups of NATO in the Black Sea basin and at Russia's western borders. The U.S. is starting to deploy new military bases in Poland and upgrade existing ones to receive a much larger number of troops.

The military buildup of NATO to Russian borders clearly indicates that the preparation for aggression is in full swing. We must pay tribute to U.S. troops by saying that the preparation for a strike against a possible military adversary is in all respects conducted at the highest professional level.

The fact that the British, with the approval of our Ukrainian brothers, are honing the skills of warfare in the Crimea near Sevastopol, too, speaks volumes. These are the links of one chain, because since the establishment of the Rockefeller, International oligarchic capital has adopted a common policy of aggression against other countries.

In fact, if we draw historical parallels, the world is in a state of 1939, i.e., before the start of a global war, whose precursor is the aggression of the U.S. and its satellites against Iraq and Afghanistan, and this time against Libya. The only question is when this "Black Sea Libya" happens.

It is not that the Americans and their European satellites are the bad guys, it's just that the prosperity of their economies depends on the control of the world's raw materials resources. In a crisis, they have no other choice. With regard to the outbreak of the conflict with Russia, there are more than enough reasons for it."

For example, the Georgian scenario may be played out again, or the Libyan scenario may be attempted as well. The West is very sensitive to terrorist groups operating in the North Caucasus. A look at the western press is sufficient to understand how these events are covered. After another successful raid carried out against militants, NATO can submit a voice in defense of the "revolutionaries and guerrillas," and further continue to operate under the planned scenario.

Sergey Balmasov

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  • CCCP-Indian 1 day ago
    Let US provoke Russia and MAY with Help of my GOD, USA should be destroyed completely this time.

    I PRAY.
  • What is Russia going to do? What have they done so far? Nada...Zilch...Nothing...Russia is weak militarily and intelligence wise and just stands by while US and NATO make democratic reforms through out the world. I am sooooooo scared as you can see
  • Russia has nukes. It has enough of them to screw you.
    If they cannot cope with a conventional agression they will nuke you and stop you that way.
    In 1999 this has been proved.
    There you do no have Qaddafi who buys his warplanes from France.
    I would like to see US opinion polls about war when they got completely destroyed. They will hate their conservatives like democrats.
  • "There you do no have Qaddafi who buys his warplanes from France."

    Buying expensive aircraft in any but small numbers is silly. Plus you must also buy the infrastructure, training, etc. Losing proposition--children's game.

    Col Gaddafi figured that out quite some time ago.
  • It is true that Putin should be listening much more attentively to what Lukashenko is trying to tell him.

    No doubt he will.
  • Krasnoyarsk-26 is an interesting city to visit!
  • Praying is a waste of time.

  • Hey Indian why dont you do the world a favor soak your towel head in some gas and light yourself on fire!!! good riddance God bless the USA !!
  • There is not God to protect America. You are gonna get screwed if you attack Russia.
  • Mother Nature will destroy the USA completely!!
    Look at the severe weather conditions.
  • Isn't enough for you 90 millions Indians killed until you settle there and now you want life of CCCP_ Indian?! I think Indian friend will understand joke.
  • oh yeah your people are real civilized , look what they did to the innocent
    UN workers just for burning a stupid Koran or whatever here in Florida! who cares obviously the towel heads think its a big deal ( which its not!!)

    I still say NUKE all towel head muslim countries now!!!
  • Russia should nuke USA and you should return to stone age.
    A bit like in the Mad Max movie.
    I see USA very well in that state.
  • i m gonna slam my willy against your living room floor so you can feel the mushroomcloud force and get an idea of a nuke and just stop wishing bad things to other people..
  • Oh excuse me Mr tiny Penis MR CCP Indian wants all westerners to Die ,, So I say lets get rid of him and the rest of the commies
  • Mind you, a lot of people not only Indians, Arabs, ragheads, Muslims, but a lot of other people want USA to disappear. We have enough of you. You should disappear for we live in peace. You are causing too much problem.
  • neo_fascist, remind you on 9.May and brave Russian on the top of nazi reichstag!!! Steping into shoes of murderous western european governments who killed for centuries wherever they went is your fatal foreign policy you had adopted. But if it doesn't show now means that time and neo-fascist are waiting brave "Russian" to come along and bring them katharsa!!!
  • oh cr@p, did they again deny your admission to US college?
  • You see! It is expressions like that which cause us to be vigilant.
    But on the contrary, we never hear outrageous threats like that from our Russian friends.
  • We should be destroyed? Is that after your lunatic paki neighbors unload their nukes into your cities, probably over a cartoon, or before?
    Hateful comments like yours give commies a bad name- and what's with this "I pray" stuff.? Don't you even know that religion is the opiate of the masses? I'm going to have to report this deviant behavior to your party for disciplinary action. What kind of messed-up, confused commie are you?
  • Well, I am courious why Russia is not countering NAT(errorist)O in any visible or subversive way in any part of the World,i.e. Afganistan, Lybia, Somalia etc. if it seems to be plain they are targeted. Perheps they are too weak at this moment and bid the time or waitnig for better opportunity. They survivel is at stake. Our freedom is at stake.They play it bad as it appears in the public view.
    All people of good will on the Planet want to stop this terrorists.
    There is no doubt the origen of wars comes from the nature of capitalisem. It will NEVER change unless they will be defeted.
  • From 1917 to 1991 Russia bore the brunt of confronting capitalism.

    It endured civil war (local insurgencies supported by Britain, US, 1918-1923), small wars with Japan 193Os, German invasions 1941-45, international US-devised trade and banking sanctions 1945-1991 - all strategies by the combined capitalist powers to cripple the entry of a socialist economy into a world-economy controlled by US and European empires.

    Russia fought the good fight.

    But now Russia has lost its myths of freedom and capabilities for self-renewal. As a consequence, its imaginative powers and social energies are depleted. And without these, policies waver, leaders hesitate and caution rules.

    Once there were speculations whether the vast USSR would exist in the year 2020.

    Now the question is: will shrunken Russia survive partition before 2020?
  • "small wars with Japan 193Os"

    Ah, so you are a historical illiterate after all.

    Khalkhin Gol was strategically the most important battle of World War II for the European Theater, even though it was in Asia and though it occurred before Hitler attacked the Soviet Union.

    In its own right it was also a brilliant victory for Zhukov that Eisenhower, among many others much admired.

    It even had an indirect role in the way World War II ended in Asia.

    Go back to the hobby horse in the nursery, mon enfant.
  • I have written about Khalkhin Gol several times - usually for Americans who blandly claimed that Russia never contributed to the defeat of Japanese militarism.

    Today, readers have no interest in whatever manipulative Eisenhower thought of Zhukov - a general a hundred times more imaginative and decisive.

    Currently, it's of greater interest to defeat North American con-men with pretensions to mastery of the world - and the word.

    Back to your scrolls, apod.
  • I'll take the stalemate then. A bientot, mon enfant.
  • Making mistakes. Careless... Losing your cool, as well as your phallus... Stalemate is night for an uncool operative. Sleep, durak.
  • ggrrrrrrr!!!! aggressive femme....
  • Only for dualists, mon enfant. As said earlier, your psychology is primitive at best. Stalemate is just fine.
  • Besides, though you are obviously not stupid, you are quite thick and stubborn, and that bores.

    When you want instruction on Khalkhin Gol, come up with at least one correct insight into its significance that neutralizes the idiocy of your "small battles" with Japan.

    No more time and attention for this at the moment since it is quite old hat.

    Stalemate is just hunky dory.

    What is also interesting in that various principles can be extracted that have been proved valid strategically for at least two thousand years.

    Encore--a bientot, mon enfant.
  • Eisenhower was not naive about Zhukov, he was naive about who really was governing the US, and how.

    He later referred to it in warning about the "military industrial complex".

    Still he did cover up for the very CIA that lied to him and made him out to be acting in bad faith to the Soviets.

  • By the way, you are wrong about Eisenhower and Zhukov. They got along famously in Berlin. Eisenhower was extremely naive, however.
  • The Red Army won World War II in Europe. The Second front helped. And, having written on it, why not summarize its real significane?

    There are at three ways in which it was significant.

  • "small wars with Japan 193Os"

    You cannot have understood the strategic significance of Khalkin Gol very well to have written that, dearie.
  • You state one correct way, and if you don't know the other two I will tell you.
  • Because Russian army can barely feed it's conscripts, let alone actually use them!
  • Its funny how here on Pravda, when many westerners don’t like when people start telling the truth then you get these same westerners copying your name, trying to post anti-statements, against your original statements.

    You’re a fraud
  • Food was the problem for Russian Army in the 1990s but not now. The main problem in the Russian doctrine is that of the Training. And because of this lack of quality in training, the number of casualities in Russian side are much higher than justified. In the Georgian war of 2008, Russia lost one big bomber and 4 other warplanes to anti aircraft missile systems.....I think they were SA-6. Main reason, Russian Air Force could not jam the SA-6 missile radars and electronic systems.........missiles that were made by Russians themselves. Israeli army focuses very highly on training and practical use of soldier and resources and hence Israelis come out of most action with minimal losses.
  • Confucius say: "Captured Humvee worth many bowls of rice."
  • Ivana Kutchercockoff 9 hours ago in reply to Frank
    Russia is capitalism.
  • regretably,the nature of capitalism is the nature of man
  • That's strange--since "Capitalism" is only about four hundred years old.
  • 100,000 years old.
  • If Medvedev would have been a little more intelligent, or had a little more spine, then he would have given Dafi weapons to fight this NATO force...they would have been bogged down in Libya, like another Vietnam/Afghanistan/Iraq...with their economy ruined...
  • Colonel Gaddafi seems to have some very advanced Russian weapons. And much more than that.
  • "advanced Russian weapons" - thats a good one... kinda like "military intellegence"
  • On verra, mon enfant, on verra.
  • you look very foolish, "Jim" you clone, Fraud

    When in fact Russian Weapons keep liking your US Country Men they go home in body bags from Afghanistan and Iraq.

    How much more advanced you want them to be, when in Fact they are doing a great job for the Body Bag business hahahaha.
  • Ivana Kutchercockoff 9 hours ago in reply to Jim
    Those same Afghan Mujahadeen used muzzle loaders and beat Russia (USSR) in the 1980's, while Russia was using AK-47's, Hind-D choppers, SU-25 attack jets, RPG's... the same stuff Gadaffi uses now.
  • The Mujahideens didn't use muzzle loaders they used the US MADE STINGER MISSILES, and other soviet weapons against the Soviets which were brought by the USA and Given to the Mujahideen's via Osama Bin Laden an agent to the CIA.

  • Ivana Kutchercockoff 8 hours ago in reply to Jim
    And Muzzleloaders.
  • ha ha ha Russia doesnt have any advanced weapons!!!! just look at that antique bomber you have posted here on the front page ooooooohhhhh
  • Antique or not the idea of launching nukes form a bomber is that they are mobile.
    They are not sitting ducks like the nukes in silos.
    Your B-52 is also an easy target still it launches well its bombs.
    Turbo prop, jet or whatever, the plane itself does not count when it can launch the nukes, it has fullfilled its task.
  • You are absolutely correct, and the Soviets were prescient in going with turboprop heavy bombers.

    It is the typical so-called "creative destruction" destruction of Capitalism, and especially the American hyper-Capitalist variety, to replace all new infrastructure with any innovation, whether or not it is justified.
  • Corr:

    You are absolutely correct, and the Soviets were prescient in going with turboprop heavy bombers.

    It is the typical so-called "creative destruction" aspect of Capitalism, and especially the American hyper-Capitalist variety, to replace all old infrastructure and machines with any innovation, whether or not it is justified.
  • You will reealize it has when you see a flash over your head in your town.
    It will be too late tor realize.
    You will have lived as a dumb creature all your life.
  • Anyone who judges by appearance is either naive or an idiot or a liar. The amazingly ingenious (and potent!) Russian PPSH sub-machinegun is still used today as a weapon of choice and in fact the Americans and their lackey's in Iraq and elsewhere like to use them when terrorising civilians in urban areas.
  • Thats also an antique!!! I'll take my M-4 anyday
  • Ivana Kutchercockoff 14 hours ago in reply to Stepan
    Thompson 1927 is better.
  • The AK47 is perhaps the most well designed weapon for its envisaged uses as has ever been known to exist in recorded history.

    Only Marius' pilum is in the running for pure intelligence and execution of design.
  • AK's are rugged and functional, but they are inaccurate for follow-up shots and sustained fire.
    The main reason for their popularity is that their production was subsidized by a now bankrupt country of drunken communists.
  • (added) The point being made in relation to PPSH and other "old-fashioned" in appearance ordinance, is that they can do just as much damage to the enemy now as they ever did (a soldier from my country who has come back from terrorising the Afghan population for his Jewish masters, said that "when you get hit by a projectile from a Russian weapon you stay hit") and the Russians are famous for the speed and intelligence with which they can fit-out "old gear" with new technology. Russians don't care how "old-fashioned" something looks, - it is how well it performs it's intended purpose that matters to the very logical and practical Russians.
  • After World War II Japanese automakers studied Russian tank production in great detail, marveling at what they called "Slavic rationality."
  • Proud American, my country is the only European country and member of NATO, which uses both American Patriot Pack III and Russian S-300 missiles in our Air Defence Network. I assure you that the Russian system has much better results in A/A and Anti-missile missions..
    A Greek friend
  • Remind you, hitler had much more sofisticated weapon then Russians which didn't prevent brave "Sergey" to wave flag "ueber" reichstag!! Remind you also of 19 century serbian poem " boj ne bije svijetlo oruzhje vec boj bije srce u junaka" (let your war inteligence services translate it so you never ever forget until the end of your pety life!)
  • im gonna slam my willy against your chest so you can get an idea of the trauma force an ak 7.62mm round....
  • LOSER!!!!
  • Well, Russia closed a deal worth around 2 billion dollars for selling weapons to Libya some months ago, so Medved has already followed your advice a long time ago.

    The problem for Ghaddafi is that his own soldiers have a tendency to defect. Many Libyan soldiers don't like shooting at their own people, so they defect, or otherwise disappear, or get a statement from their doctor that they are unable to fight. If they still shoot, they have a tendency to miss. The new soldiers that Ghaddafi is recruiting from Mali, Chad and other non-Arab countries are more willing to kill Libyans, but the problem is that these don't know the weapons so well. Training lots of soldiers in a few days is a challenge, for both sides of the conflict.
  • Yes, Mossad, CIA and MI6 are definitely flat-out showing the "unarmed rebel civilians" in Libya how to use the weapons NATO is supplying them with, so that they can hold their "peaceful unarmed protest exhibitions" more convincingly.
  • Indeed, the blind leading the blind.

    The US long ago reached the limit of incompetence in such matters.
  • Ivana Kutchercockoff 14 hours ago in reply to Stepan
    NATO doesn't use Kalashnikovs or RPG's.
  • ask better the poles,slovacs,hungarians,romanians,bulgarians
  • Ivana Kutchercockoff 9 hours ago in reply to johann
    They pretend to be NATO, but they are still Warsaw Pact.
  • No it doesn't, it stores them in their warehouses and when "REBELS" come out against a movement or government then they ship those weapons to the Rebels.

  • Ivana Kutchercockoff 14 hours ago in reply to Jim
    You have proof of that?

    All I see is CCCP and KGB.
  • U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice announced yesterday 28th March that the U.S. may arm the Libyan rebels. In fact they did arm the Libyan Rebels.


    Clinton: UN resolution gives us authority to arm Libyan rebels

    That's right.
  • Ivana Kutchercockoff 9 hours ago in reply to Jim
    If Gadhaffi has lost legitimacy, then the opposition has become the legitimate military of Libya, according to Hillary.
    Just like when Sukassvilli lost rule over South Ossettia.
  • This is your imagination. You must be blind.
  • You really are in the dark.
  • Karstenbeate is actually paid to keep as many people in the dark as is possible. There are a whole mob of them posting on the Pravda Forums now trying to promulgate corporate-capitalist-Establishment disinformation.
  • They must be quite dumb to think that such propaganda can convince pravda readers.
    If we visit pravda, this is because we don't believe the lies of the western sources.
    In fact it is a good opportunity for us to insult them.
  • When? I'm reading western news 22 years and is getting worse and worse. go home guest and do it!!!
  • i think this guy uses a battery to charge his laptop...his lost somewhere in redneckville america...
  • karstenbeate fell on his head after popping out of the birthcanal...that might explain his retardation...
  • Out of his sisters birth canal.
  • come on Eugene you can make a better comment than that...oh I forgot you're Eugene Costa Rica the one who anal retentive
  • Always looking for a free lunch, aren't we?
  • How would they deliver the weapons? By sea, by air? How to avoid the NATO blockade?
    They have not been able to do so in Yugoslavia. They have even tinier chanes of doing so in Libya. They have no choice.
    If if they had vetoed the resolution 1973 the West was goign to bomb Libya.
  • If Vladimir Putin was President of Russia the world geopolitical equation would assuredly be a lot different! Hurry up Russian 2012 Presidential Elections!
  • No not true.
    This is a game theya re playing.
    Who knows may be the real people holding the power are behind them and are pulling the strings.
    We are not at the age of Tzars, teh States have deeper structure.
    It is not Putin, Medvedev or whoever.
  • smart idea..it would have kept them pinned down for a while...
  • ittouchesmyknee 19 hours ago
    in a possible scenario,the u.s. and the other western powers, are entertaining russia by making all kinds of promises and always guaranteeing her safety and respect..at the meantime, through their clandestine groups,they have bought all the asian ex soviet republics with narco money from the afghan drug trade, from london and saudis they are sponsoring, arming and financing islamic terrorist groups inside russia, at the internation level, they make as many countries as possible nato members promising e.u.acception and financial relief through the worl bank, russia is surrounded completely by nato...and within russia, all these terrorist groups are preparing and sitting idle..then the spark..georgia starts invading south ossetia during the winter games of 2014...russians are so distracted with the events that little attention was paid to her borders...the leaders in russia are playing host to other world leaders drinking cognac and eating caviar in sochi.. division generals have already been bought by nato military attaches already with english passports and a couple million pounds in the bank, and the chinese dont care about this conflict, they have been promised by the western world that their financial empire will remain intact, for japan is not the asian giant anymore and taiwan will be given to her, china will dominate asia completely and make it the official manufacturing hub of the world...russia will invade georgia...everything around her is cannon meat, and the since her armed forces have been bought..the enemy is invisible, the terrorist start attacking...chechenya falls to the terrorists for kadyrov is too busy partying, dagestan falls, and major cities throughout russia are put to their knees through simoltaneous suicide attacks in its transportation system, and the ruble hyperinflates within days...nato is not going to need to launch an attack..through georgia as proxy, and her inter strife will be such that the military is needed most inside... wake up russia...seal your borders, get all ngo´s out of russia, arm yourself to the teeth, nationalize all industries that deal with natural resources, create a bloc of nations that stand against the west, and start exercising political clout in the world ..your policy of coexistance, isolationism, and indifference is paving the way for your personal apocalypse... i hope history proves me wrong 100% ...
  • you have a very good imagination,howerver,the scenario is very interesting.
    i don't think that china will be happy to see her back uncovered
  • I keep saying that after Obama is gone things will turn ugly.
    Hopefully there will be some wise people in the US to prevent such a scenario otherwise they will be buried too.
  • Ulrichzim 8 hours ago
    Here is a rare and exceptional speech of Churchill he published 20 years after he made it in 1914 but leaving out all the offending statements, and may help to bring what seems a complex issue on a common denominator:
    " We are not a young people with innocent record and a scanty inheritance. We have engrossed to ourselves [an] altogether disproportionate share of wealth and traffic of the world. We have got all we want in territory, and our claim to be left in the unmolested enjoyment of vast and splendid possessions, mainly acquired by violence, largely maintained by force, often seem less reasonable to others than to us." Self-explanatory, is it not?
  • Ulrichzim 8 hours ago
    "... that the preparation for aggression is in full swing". And since when has that been any different? The Blueprints for the invasion of the East have not changed since 1939, the war machinery has been modernised but not initial plans and objectives they have remained intact. Are 'we' still naive about that despite years of Cold War experience? Have all your former diplomats left the country?
  • All nations of Western Europe have a colonial history. The wealth of those nations indeed depends on looted resources, the classic example that of Spain, stealing whatever gold it could find in (now) Latin America. The proverbial laziness of the Spanish supposedly is related to the wealth from the stolen gold.

    The US continues the British colonial policies either directly or when too obvious regarding resource grabs (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Iran) via UN / NATO
    and the spineless puppets heading those "dead meat" organizations.

    The planned scenario invariably is to support the party that enables the largest profits, even Islamic extremists. When such radicals do not exist they are either created (fighters for "freedom and democracy" indoctrinated by the CIA) or imported from Saudi Arabia ("all infidels (including non Wahhabi Muslims) should be killed with impunity").

    For countries with Islamic minorities (China, India, Russia) the minorities are "liberated" and supported till (after having been assimilated in the empire of greed and utter evil) they want a legitimate piece of the profit cake - which is denied (of course).

    Imperial greed (via global resource war) will destroy all human life on the planet whether via corporate lies (US-designed nuclear reactors for Japan are absolutely safe) or ignoring issues like resource depletion, overpopulation, climate change, and the (overlooked, alas) US war on Gaia. In this respect Russia, China and Japan still can make the vital difference, by setting up a different system and presenting the evil empire with the bill for genocide since its founding: exchange all US $ and treasury bills for gold, so the greenback and its empire sinks into the abyss of eternal blackness.
  • Sasha A. 1 day ago
    well, nooo, Sergey, .. what are you writing, .. we all know China is a threat to russia, not the west with their military bases being build on doorstep of russia.. noo, china yes, lets have a war with china so our master US and Israel can tell us how great we are, and what great partners we are..
    Russian leadership is clueless as was stalin when front line soldiers were telling him that germans attacked.. And he told them not to fire back, since this is just a "provocation" .. for gods sake.. russia wake the phuk up!.. But in all i think it is too late, ..you are going to get a rape of a century and this time you ain't getting up again..
  • It is not China encircling Russia with forces and building up a ABM!!
    But perhaps you were being jokingly factitious??

    When China encircles Russia I will agree with you until then? But again perhaps it was your style of writing I could not fully understand?
    But if you were being sarcastic I agree with you.
  • yes, i was being sarcastic.. that is only thing that keeps me sane these days.. We all know NATO, USA, Israel are heading toward the Caucas oil field as Hitler did.. and this time it looks they are good on their way to make this a briliant success, ..i don't see the russians even fighting them.. they will just surrender, write some stupid peace accord and voila.. the break up of russia will begin.. caucas will become US-owned muslim kaliphate with dictators supported as in Saudi Arabia, .. and sibiria will become "free" from moscow in order to become a slave to oil interest of the west, .. so all that will be left is a pathethic moscow who will have no food, no eneergy, no talent, no nothing.. but i guess you will have lost of IMF loans, and blue jeans )))
  • you are pessimistic and brain washed with islamic fanatism actuly caucasia and central asia is muslim but turkish or turkish related islam is just excuse for them to attack back who attacks them russia has to recognonise turkishness of this people without fear then neither china nor america and their europian sattelliletes can play game in caucasia central asia and middle east putin hasto prove he has a gut to play this game with turkey then we will see if they can be so arogant.
  • First of all Turkey itself is not Turkish, Turks do not constitute 20% of Turkey. Most of Turkey are assimilated true islamization native population of the are and Balkans. To keep US and China away we need to push Turko-Arabic influence away and go back to roots Heleno-Romano-Byzantine. We need to built Europe, and Russia can help more then anyone. Instead of building McDonald junk culture of Schakashvily in Georgia we need to restore Indo-European traditions and merge in powerful Europe from Atlantic to Pacific
    Chine was never aggressive and will be our friend as well as India and Brasil.

    Turk, learn your history properly and find where did you come from. You came in full, on someone else land, as barabarian, taking someone else cities. Maybe you can leave now.
  • You surely talk about the first arriving Turkish people in Anatolia.
    For sure today's Turkish people are mostly Turkish we are not talking about the race of course.
    Race is a lost notion.
    The Turkish culture was transmitted form generation to generation to today's generation.
    The Turkish race as such does not exist or a mixture of different groups, as a result of a very complicated process but what makes people of Turkey Turks today is the culture they inherited and this culture is intact. This is how you define Turks today, by their culture.
    Just as a Frenchman is french because of his culture, who cares if he has an Italian name or an English grandgrand mother. What makes him French is his culture.
  • Not really,

    I am surely talking that these people have way more in common with Greece and other regional and Balkan nations then they have with Turks.
    What you call "culture" we can clearly define as "oppression, indoctrination, rain washing" which Islam, along side with Middle edge Christianity specialized in. Consequences of that culture can clearly be seen on Balkans. Everything that was under Austrians/Germans is blossoming. Everything bellow that border is struggling. No one in Balkans has nice memories of Turks. We have not nice sentiments to Geman conquest, but we all do respect them. They left something behind, left a lot. As far as Turks, it is the worst curse that happened to the area. Something that Russians experienced with Tatar conquest. Constantinople was once biggest city of Europe in any sense, culture, architecture... and it was Greek. Now, it is joke in comparison of its previous value.
    Point is, Turks have nothing to do nor on Balkans, nor in Cyprus, nor on Caucasus nor even in today Turkey, especially to preach anyone where they are supposed to interfere and where not, when they themselves are INTERFERENCE to EUROPE.
    As far as English and French, and all others, have not heard them talking Russians that French/English should be on Caucasus, nor Balkan people what should be where. So maybe your buddy Cengiz should cave in and shut his big mouth up.
    As far as race, it is not lost notion. But it is unfortunate fact that people where so deprived of their origin with this religion/nation that they for centuries where forced into forgetting who they were, thanks to that what you call "culture". Once enlightened I am 100% sure they will abandon it. Those who tried, like Aremninas, those who new and there paid it dearly. Shell we mention the Greeks too, who shared destini of Armenians. World now how those disappeared. Russians and French did nothing like this to anyone. They killed to, but not to the level of Genocide, of extermination of a whole nation. All nations that lived in Russia ever, live today. Same with France. Not with Turkey and Germany. One become Jew-less the other Aremnian-less. With one distinctions. Armeninas where there SEVERAL THOUSAND YEARS before Turks arrived. Like American Indians, they were deprived of land, culture and finally LIFE!

    As far as French, Brettons are quite proud of their Galic roots. Once, nations of Turkey will find they path to past. Once the Osmans and Seldzuks are return to the wilderness they came from.
  • About to found a new Nostratic Party International, are we?
  • Funny.... but it would be nice to see you put some brain into what you are saying and related to anything I said

    Let me make it clear and simple to you. Freedom to Greece, Georgians, Armenians, Slavs, Jordanians, Syrians, and many nations trapped in Ottoman hug and memory loss.
    ONE BIG POWERFUL EUROPE, based on Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Spain... one that is not controlled from Washington, betrayed by London, crippled by Ottoman Turkey.
    One based on Heleno-Romano-Byzantine-Renaissance-Reformation-French revolution-Russian revolution but most then anything Helen traditions of open minded philosophy, exploration, democracy, social justice, granted medicare, granted education, secular state things that Europe stands for and are obtained in all these events of its history

    For those anti-Russian revolution ignorant idiots. It is thanks to it and paradoxically Franklin Delano Roosevelt you have today:
    - Free Schools
    - Free medicare
    - Social care and more balanced social justice system

    Dictators are consequence of times of struggle. Like Russian revolution ended with dictatorship similarly happened with French. It took more then 100 years for French revolution ideas to prevail, to find their way. We see that global capitalism restoration is failing almost right at doorstep of 100 years of Russian revolution and we are heading towards establishment of more responsible society that will cater more for real human needs more then monetary-market with its profits and standings.
    It will not be ideal of course but it will be one step more for humanity. From slavery over, feudal explanation, over capitalistic restrains towards reals socialism, the one that worked so great in North Europe

    Yes sound like Utopia, but if you would tell Spartacus that world would be today as it is he would laugh. Change takes time and happens suddenly. It is in no way liner process.

    Happy now?
  • Turkey? Gobble gobble gobble.
    Ottoman Empire is over.
    Uighurs once ruled from turkey to china, but nobody is calling for a Pan-Turkish nation.
  • Wow what a nice theory.
    May be Russians will believe you.
  • They want to divert RUssia's attention from themselves while they are preparing to war.
    May be Russians are dumb and they will believe them what do you think?
  • The Agnostic 10 hours ago
    Russia should "abstain" from making any comment if it is as wise as it was in the UNSC.
  • Hotrod 1 day ago
    "It is not that the Americans and their European satellites are the bad guys, it's just that the prosperity of their economies depends on the control of the world's raw materials resources. In a crisis, they have no other choice. With regard to the outbreak of the conflict with Russia, there are more than enough reasons for it."

    Balmasov, your above quote seems to be excusing the aggression of the Americans and European satellites on their lack of resources, and not on their bad guy attitudes. These aggressive nations happen to be the bad guys because they have no compassion for the human rights of millions of people when they go in to steal resources. Just don't try stepping on one of their little toes because they won't be calling you a good guy. But, history will repeat itself and these bad guys will eventually fall, just like Rome fell, Italy's Mussolini fell, and Germany's Hitler fell. By the way, it's interesting that Mussolini was among the founders of Italian Fascism which included corporatism, expansionism, social progress, and anti-socialism. Mussolini's Fascism matches what the US and European satellites are all about.

  • My god, you are right. Hope to see them fall very soon.

    But mr. Balmasov, is it all lack of resources when the killed: in 1945 atombomb Japan,45/46 china, 50-53 korea/china, 54 guatemala, 58 indonesia, 59/61 cuba, 60 guatemala, 64 congo, 65 peru, 64-73 laos, 61-73 vietnam, 69/70 cambodia, 67/69 guatemala, 83 grenada, 83/84 libanon, the 80´s el salvador, 80´s nicaragua, 86 libya, 87 iran, 89 panama, 91 irak, 93 somalia, 98 sudan, 98 afghanistan, 95 serbs in bosnia, 99 serbia, 100-? afghanistan
    2003-?irak, 2011 Libya. Then all their "secret" terror.

    I think they are addicted to WAR, its in their system.
  • What feeds them is war and they will die in a war.
    The "mother of all wars" as Saddam used to say:)
    But the real one this time.
  • They are addicted to war against country's who they perceive to be too weak to fight back and that have things that they want, be it resources, territory/geostrategic situation, and slave-labour and usually all three.
  • Great discovery, Sherlock.
  • CCCP-Indian 1 day ago

    for the sake of the planet earth, (as now Sweden also wants part of it, the WHOLE WEST is Evil, Devil, crime doers and war mongers)


  • No chance of that happening CCCP-indian. It looks more like Iran. Syria, Jordan, Belarus, and Venezuela will be next. Which one will you bet on?
  • "No chance of that happening"

    Thanks so much for the prophecy.
  • you are one very angry CCCP indian. why don't you get yourself a slurpy or make yourself useful and go bake a cookie.
  • Did anyone ever see a sign over a restaurant, "Traditional American Protestant Food"?

  • You sure you were not hallucinating?
  • didnt you burn yourself yet?????
  • What more do you want of a typical brainwashed and -lets be frank- plain stupid representative of the so-called 'nation' that bombs other nations. You want to nuke'em all heh. Bloody pubers with D- all along till the maximum, third degree.
    It's with a mixed feeling of pity and disgust that they tolerate you here, 'pal'.
    This is a senior class, wrong door.Yours is down the toilet
  • We are waiting for you burn in the nuclear war.
  • Viking 1 day ago
    I told all of you before. US is putting a knife in Russia body and it seems that Russian leadership dont understand it. I am not Russian, but I live in one of Baltic states. US will provoke first one conflict in black sea against Russia and then use one of the Baltic States for a second conflict. This means that Russia have 2 fronts to fight. The 3 front will be in Barensea where British sea forces will attack Murmansk. Germany will not be a part of this and not Italy.

    No this. In the baltic states its live 1/2 million menn etnic Russian and adder ho will take to veapon and defend Russia. When I speake with Russian people her they just say. Let them try. The army of baltic states consist of 30-40.000 each. This are trained people but they will have huge problem to face 1/2 million men under 50 year.

    In my opinion US seems not to understand the forces they up against. This conflict they in my opinion they will lose if not Russia are stupid to get rid of tctical nuclear weapon.
  • Norway is also obsolete.
  • Norway will stay out of a conflict with russia. Mark my word...
  • The USN is obsolete.
  • Andreas Paul 2 hours ago
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    The Truth Will Set you Free.
  • When are you people going to realize that the last thing we Americans want is a war with Russia We've been telling you this for over 50 years
  • If the navies of Russia an several of its allies among the Soviet states, perhaps along with the newer elements of the PLA Navy along for experience conducted with large elements and heavy strike forces to the Caribbean.

    And then this heavy bands of air sea,and land forces held joint war operations with Cuba and Venezuela, and Brazil simulating various invasions, raids,and attacks, and een shot various large fireworks as demonstrations.

    Or maybe these forces even supporting an insurgency with aircraft and elite ground fighters in Columbian lands to bring the regime down and punish or kill all the criminals responsible, much as the manner the Anglo-Europeans claim they are acting in Libya.

    What about Mexico and other central American states?

    Certain in the area might welcome the sight of a Russian cruiser in their waters far more then the United States navy.

    And the Russians then said to the people in the United States not to be paranoid, we don't want to attack you?
  • Adamus174 16 hours ago
    It is likely. After the WW II infidels were withdrawing. Then they suddenly developed mental ways to dismantel the Soviet States. Now it looks like their mentality has dried out so they turn to war methods.
  • stop bombing! 19 hours ago
    if they are going back that far maybe the usa should check out the treaty with Tripoli from 1797 where tripoli will not invade the usa and the usa willl not invade tripoli agreed with Joel Barlow..
    can they be held accountable for that ? as they have broken the treaty... they condemn Gaddafi for blood on his hands ..but other nations also have this over the centuries ..
    i can just not wrap my brain around " Saving civilians with bombs"...and as for the rebels ..why would anyone with good intend want their country destroyed ..that does nto solve problems ...but then it may just be a CIA misson as stated on some alternative news channels ! why would 100,000s of people being leaving their homeland if they were for the changes ? and would any normal person stay in a country where there home and infrastructure is bombed with du warheads causing illness death contamination of water and food...exodus to greece italy and france will not let them in ? why ? they need a new country to live in since theirs has been ruined for many years they have seen iraq and afghanistan and this is not how they want to live...maybe they should have gone to talk and ask the people over 1 million in tirpol before they bombed ...a group of rebels have decided for the country what is right ? how many want this change besides the puppets that left and now want to return to rule...and what will the rule be ? everyone seems to be lying ....what will the future hold for Libya ? besides Macdonalds Esso etc ? not to mention the people that are injured for life mentally and physically for life....what will they tell their grandchildren...the western forces came to save us from Gaddafi..so they bombed our country to save us ! can u imagine bombing to save people ..what happened to the pre election promise to talk first !
    sad story indeed..while the elite of the western world smirk and smile while bombing a country really whom are they to decide the future of LIbya ! it must have been a CIA mission for oil !
  • You mean like Georgia?

    Russia used bombs and tanks to save lives of South Ossettians.
  • Saakashavili not only engineered a sneak attack on Russian peacekeepers, who were there by previous agreement, he also attacked and killed a large number of unarmed civilians, using everything from snipers to cluster bombs, in their homes.

    Meanwhile, the same Saakashvili argued that these Osetians he attacked were his own civilian population.

    This criminal attack on Libya, disguised as a UN effort to protect civilians, should provide a useful model for prosecuting Saakashvili for war crimes against Osetian civilians.
  • Pravda is excellent and so too is Granma: read the writings of The Great Revolutionary - glorious Fidel Castro at Granma website, Fidel is a superb writer and he has much to say about the Terrorist-Onslaught on Libya and hilariously incisive observations on Uncle-Tom Obama's bizaare and hypocritical "tour" of certain Latin-American countries. Fidel also, of course has plenty to say about capitalism!
  • IS it in English?
  • "Culture is the general sphere of knowledge and of representations of lived experiences within historical societies divided into classes. It is a generalizing power which itself exists as a separate entity, as division of intellectual labor and as intellectual labor of division. Culture detached itself from the unity of myth-based society 'when human life lost its unifying power and when opposites lost their living connections and interactions and became autonomous' (The Difference Between the Systems of Fichte and Schelling). In thus gaining its independence, culture embarked on an imperialistic career of self-enrichment that ultimately led to the decline of that independence. The history that gave rise to the relative autonomy of culture, and to the ideological illusions regarding that autonomy, is also expressed as the history of culture. And this whole triumphant history of culture can be understood as a progressive revelation of the inadequacy of culture, as a march toward culture’s self-abolition. Culture is the terrain of the quest for lost unity. In the course of this quest, culture as a separate sphere is obliged to negate itself."

    Guy Debord (tr.KK)
  • There comes a time when inane categories (French-style), pseudo paradoxes and allusive references are unilluminating. Take up rabbinical studies, for your health..
  • Bravely and well said.
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    Lost Souls. Your Arch Bishop will be happy and Glad to see you with this in your hands.

    Human lives
  • One realized long ago the Israeli Right Wing and the American Neo-Cons were working the Slavophiles (as they also do the White Supremacists in the US), but one had not realized that so many had fallen for it.

    Thanks for the information.
  • If you have a dictionary you might look up "apophatic". Try not to hurt yourself.
  • Your repetitive intrusions suggest a denial of something phallic. One must pity the absence... Your writing is apodictic - appropriate for an apod. Don't hurt yourself while learning to walk.
  • Psychologically illiterate as well.

    Keep at it--there are some many more areas to establish your ignorance.
  • Mon pauvre petit chou--quel dommage!

    What is important about Debord is what he did not say.
  • Before one masters culture, they must first master agriculture.
  • "Before one masters culture, they must first master agriculture."

    By the way, however, that is not strictly true. Agriculture is but one possible form of "culture", even so called "high culture", nowadays usually well within the definition of "monoculture."
  • Gogol and Spengler agree.

    You might enjoy some ancient works on the subject.
  • Mutatis mutandis, the analogy is probably closer to, say, 1912.
  • Which candidate for assassination do your propose as the pretext for the Final Attack on Russia/China on or before August 2014?
  • It will not be assassination it will be a 9/11 type conspiracy but at a much larger scale to justify a world war.
    The signs of it were seen at an airbas where several nuclear bombs were found to be on a warplane without autohorization.
    I guess it meant "we can do it".
  • The pretexts are also getting more and more transparent. Guy Debord and Gianfranco Sanguinetti were way ahead of their time in that area as well.

    It's a pity that the rabbinical (Stalin's term) Soviet Communists had no time or interest in what they had to say.

    If they had mastered Debord, Soviet Russia may well not have imploded--in some degree as a result of psychological warfare.
  • The pretexts are also getting more and more transparent. Guy Debord and Gianfranco Sanguinetti were way ahead of their time in that area as well.

    It's a pity that the rabbinical (Stalin's term) Soviet Communists had no time or interest in what they had to say.

    If they had mastered Debord, Soviet Russia may well not have imploded--in some degree as a result of psychological warfare.
  • Thank you for your suggestion. Recently, there has been exceptional activity with nuclear weaponry at airbases within the US. Perhaps an "accident" will be made to look like a missile attack.
  • i m gonna slam my phallus against your back, that way you can feel what a bomb feels like...ambricourt whats up with you, what stupid question is that...if people knew, they would playing the lottery, and not speculating what the americants are planning...
  • There must be an internal raw within the US itself between the warmongers and their opponents. They talked about it after 9/11. Now if they talk about the dates already may be the war party has already won the struggle.
  • The warmongers, active and consciously motivated, are at most fifteen percent of the US population.

    The real problem is that the whole system is designed toward warfare and imperialism, in the mode Lenin understood in his own times, but in ways most of the rest of the population either does not see or does not wish to see.

    But there are many psychological complexities involved, included the role of the Bernaysian media, and the herd psychology of most of the population, who want always to "belong".
  • In America they call it "Peace through Strength".
  • "The probability of learning something unusual from a newspaper is far greater than that of experiencing it; in other words, it is in the realm of the abstract that the more important things happen in these times, and it is the unimportant that happens in real life."

    Robert Musil (tr. Wilkins, et al.)

    Sound familiar?
  • You speak in the arcane jargon of an alchemist of the European type: quasi-mystical blather.
  • Symptom, semeion--no Greek, eh?
  • Musil is a symptom.

    Apparently above your head.

  • Oh, for an abstract titillation...
  • So what a nice girl like you doing in a joint like DEBKA?
  • It may be a bit much for you, but you might look at the relation between Mao and Chou--very instructive for someone handled as "Ambricourt".

    Also, there is no doubt that Mao was the greatest poet of his day in classic forms, with one work of actual genius.
  • Too, Eco is extremely instructive on labyrinths.
  • Wm. James is also worth the time and effort.
  • One has this peculiar inclination always to deconstruct the game engines by trial and error.
  • Whatever side you are on, not slow upstairs.

    Any acquaintance with Poe?
  • joeusa72 22 hours ago
    What are you afraid of Russians? Current pu$$ypoof president of US, he is more likely to bow, kiss your hands and engage in diplomatic discussions even if you took a du mp on white house doorstep. The man has no b@lls. This is your moment to take the lead as superpower. Rest of NATO are bunch of si$$ies - Germany, France, Brits, Italy... AND they depend on your oil an natural gas.
  • so obama is a pussy president you say?.. i don't know, at the moment he is ordering the mightiest army in the world to commit slaughter in iraq, afghanistan, pakistan and now libya.. and you say he is pussy?.. USA is the most dangerous and most powerful country in the word.. Russia has oil but no balls to protect it.. NATO will invite itself to russia one way or another.. and russia cannot refuse to welcome them with greetings and flower instead of bombs, since even russian leaders admit their country is phuked beyond imagination..
  • the only balls here sasha are mine....and right now, they are in your mouth...you dont know what war is...pansy little american...
  • US dangerous??? Wich war have they won the last 60 years?? As far as I no nobody. US is good to speak and to use bomb but on the ground level of army you are weake. US did win in Irak and they will not win in Afganistan. They make a huge mess and then they leave and lokal people must cleane up.

    Se how US soldier rape and tortur people in this 2 wars. US is a shame for human kine.

    In the futures I really hope that somebody will innvade US and let them taste ho adder people of the world have it today.

    Understand this Russia have great support among millions of people i europe. Many of them will raise up and defend Russia if its need for them.
  • sasha..let me whisper something in your ear..the only balls here..are my balls in your mouth.. not americants or pansy russians, just mine...
  • The US has oil too, we just actually have a use for it...
  • the fake jim is ''patriot'' user, did you remember him? well, I think that you know him
  • Iraq and Afghanistan are disasters.
    As we speak he is pulling airforce out of Libya while rebels are being slaughtered en-masse.
    You crushed Georgians few years back while US just sat there watching.
    Anything US does through UN (and with Obama that mean EVERYTHING), you have your say in it.
    The way things are going, we'll be soon begging Russians to sell us some oil. Our economy is in $hit, schools are disaster, poverty is high and getting higher thanks to welfare, and the maniac is spending more then a trillion dollars more than we make - that is 1000 BILLION dollars that we are borrowing from China! Are you really afraid of USA??????
    As much you have corruption in your country, at least Russian people have some pride in their own nationality and your own media does not malign you for being that way.
  • USA had no means to intervene against Russia.
    It would result in a war against Russia.
    George Bush had no guts to intervene.
    By the way Georgians must be destroyed for good. They are the most troublesome group in the Caucasus.
  • Hell, it's lucky for you that you seem to be completely unaware of how much the USA ALREADY OWES China! A thousand-billion is not much in comparison! And these mountain-ranges of Mount Everests of debt that the USA has got is going to be wrung out of the sweating, starving hides of the USA working-class by their Jewish masters.
  • But you don't want to bother with that--too much like alchemy no doubt.
  • The fact is that the amount the US owes Communist China is much less signficant than how the dept came about--in fact the US Finance Capitalists managed to sell out most of the US industrial base.
  • Roughly about three trillion USD and growing fast.
  • Economically the US looks more and more like the last days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

    Perhaps in other ways than economic as well.
  • Eugene Costa you are so funny. Make a more intelligent post
  • knock..knock... guesswho..my balls in your mouth..dont mess with eugene..
  • ooooooooo...I'm scared
  • Do a google search on 1912.
  • you should ..cause you re going down....down to my knees...
  • Had you realized, by the way, that bagels were Polish in origin?
  • How's that breeze blowing over from Turkey working out for you?
  • ...and since most Americans never heard of Austro-Hungarian empire (our schools scuk bad, and those that do not scuk educate mostly Chinese students - aka cheap research labor), so they cannot draw any lessons from it.
    This paranoia about US invading into Russia is downright ridiculous. You should fear Chinese before anyone else.
  • It is still an open question whether Obama's first ambassador to mainland China, a Mormon and since replaced, sold Nevada to China.

    Look around Las Vegas very carefully--see all those Macanese?

  • The problem is most Americans cannot locate Irak but they wanted to invade it.
  • A pity Trajan's Memoirs don't survive.
  • The best textbook on Mesopotamia still and by far is Xenophon's Anabasis.

    But you have to read it very closely, as surely Alexander did.
  • The US military was in Iraq for two years before they figured out Iraq had a tribal structure.
  • "Our schools scuk bad" ha ha ha ha - by God, you can say that again!
  • Yes they do, and they have been getting worse for fifty years.

    Partly it is a consequence of US hyper-Capitalism, but there are other factors at work as well.

    You must have been educated in American schools then, and very recently, correct?
  • Ivana Kutchercockoff 14 hours ago in reply to joeusa72
    Don't tell them all the plans Joe.

    You know, the one about USA surrounding them, and then China goes right up the middle and takes half their country, and all their oil, but USA and China share the women.

    Don't tell them about that one.
  • Joe is so true... what would the US want with a backwater, 3rd world nation that is incapable of doing anything without being prodded by the west.
  • Mrs patriot, stop being taking owned alias.
  • Obama has no balls but what Obama DOES have is a great big Jewish chain around his neck.
  • So you want nuclear war do you?
    You will get it as soon as a non pu$$yproof president is in office. Stupid Americans.

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