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четвртак, 26. мај 2011.

Greeting message to the Vlach community on the occasion of the Day of the Aromanians

Greeting message to the Vlach community

on the occasion of the Day of the Aromanians

Thursday, 26 May 2011
Greeting message to the Vlach community on the occasion of the Day of the Aromanians
Monday, 23 May 2011 10:21 Print E-mail

On the 23rd of May we celebrate the day dedicated to fulfilling the vow left to Aromanians by the great poet Constantin Belemace: “All joy and lightness in the home, for the one who does not forget ones mother tongue!” This paternal, humane vow is embedded in the foundations of the Macedonian statehood but also the Macedonian multiethnic democracy oriented towards cherishing, developing and promoting the ethnic, linguistic and cultural richness of the Republic of Macedonia.

A testimony to the dedication of the Republic of Macedonia is the fact that, in 2007, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1333 (97) it was emphasized that the Republic of Macedonia is an example for all other countries on how to nurture, advance and promote the Aromanian language and culture, not only by words but by deeds.

The Republic of Macedonia is proud of the Aromanian community, which is constitutionally recognized and socially respected, and which, with its diligence and rich culture is permanent part of the history of our country’s existence. From the Ilinden epic and the Krusevo Republic, through the National Liberation struggle and ASNOM Macedonia, up to the Third Ilinden. The declaration of Macedonian self-reliance, independence and sovereignty on September 8th 1991 was the very first television announcement broadcasted on Aromanian language, marking thus the beginning of the 20 years work of the Aromanian language Desk. The Macedonian Television was and still is the only national TV in the world that broadcasts program in Aromanian language.

What is achieved so far is an example for others, but also an obligation for us to continue down the same path. Aware that there is nothing more sacred than identity, the Republic of Macedonia proudly cherishes the social contribution of the Aromanians. It is precisely for this reason, that the initiative for establishing a center dedicated to preservation, research and promotion of the Aromanian language, culture, history and tradition is strongly supported.

By doing this, Macedonia emphasizes the unity of the Macedonian national fabric and the presence of Aromanians through history, a unity sealed with the two Ilindens’, a unity recognized through the contribution of numerous world famous Aromanian humanists, scientists and artists. It is a practical step towards cherishing the common denominator since ancient times, enriching thus the Macedonian cultural matrix. We are obliged by Belemace’s vow, we are obliged by our common European and Euro-Atlantic future of this and the generations to come.

Оn this occasion I would like to congratulate all Aromanians in the Republic of Macedonia this light day.

Dr. Gjorge Ivanov


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