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...As you read about Bosnia and Kosovo in your daily newspapers I remind you of the words of Socrates spoken at his trial in his own defence: "I do not know what effect my accusers have had upon you gentlemen but for my own part I was almost carried away by them; their arguments were so convincing. On the other hand scarcely a word of what they said was true."....

уторак, 23. август 2011.



22 August 2011.

At the peak of diplomatic efforts to solve the current crisis in the north of Kosmet, the Albanians are threatening with terrorism again. Namely, the terrorist Albanian National Army organization has asked for the formation of the Kosovo army and threatens with armed actions in the north of the Province. The scenario is repeating – whenever the situation in the political arena does not suit them, the Albanians revert to terrorism. Should the terrorist realize their threats, nobody will be able anymore to close their eyes before the evident connections of the current Pristina authorities and terrorist organizations such as ANA. The commentary of Vukoman Petric.

It has become the rule that whatever the Albanians in Kosmet wish to achieve, they first “prepare” it through terrorist actions. It has been like that in the past few decades. However, after each surge of terrorism, instead of the deserved punishment, the Albanians got an award in the form of meeting their secessionist requirements.

The terrorist Albanian National Army is threatening armed actions in the north, if the institutions in Pristina fail to form the Kosovo Army by the end of September. In its statement, ANA underlines that it will be “forced to continue its military actions in the northern part of the Republic of Kosovo”. The communiqué of this terrorist organization was first published in Tirana, and followed in the main features of the Pristina media. So, at issue is an already seen and well-rehearsed scenario.

The surge of terrorism in late 1990s, when the so-called KLA was dominating, lead to the allegations about the violation of human rights, oppression and exodus of the Albanians, and in the end to the NATO intervention. The province ended up under the international protectorate. The second big wave of extremists’ terror took happened in March 2004, when there had already been the international administration and various levels of authority in Kosmet. The remaining Serb people and their property were targeted, along with the cultural and religious heritage. The world cringed at the images of violence coming from Kosmet, but instead of punishing the actors and instigators, some bearers of world political power have come up with the story of stability and bliss for all that would come with the independent state.

Few years later, when the negotiations on the status of Kosmet were in the full swing, masked members of ANA appeared in various parts of the Province, where they were stopping, searching, identifying and intimidating primarily the Serb population. In the period immediately before the unilateral proclamation of independence, they were practically in control of the entire Kosmet, except the north, before the very eyes of UNMIK police and KFOR. Members of ANA have mysteriously vanished after the proclamation of the so-called state of Kosovo, just to reappear again these days in the public, as well as in the field. This time, the goal is to submit the north of the Province to the pseudo-state and the assimilation of the Serbs.

Hashim Thaci has raised a barrier towards the central Serbia and tensions in the northern part of Kosmet. By doing that, he has pushed to the back the issue of the trafficking in human organs of kidnapped Serbs, in which he seems to have been and important actor, along with accusations of war crimes and corruption affairs of his closest associates. Therefore, Thaci is aiming to kill several birds with the same stone, and he needs help from ANA. There is a police service operating in Kosmet, as well as the EULEX police and KFOR troops. With such concentration of security services, it is impossible to parade in great numbers under arms and in camouflage uniforms, while making threats of terrorism. Or, more precisely, it cannot be done without someone knowing about it. Thaci’s connection to terrorists and their methods are nothing unusual. However, he continues “pulling the leg” of representatives of the international forces in Kosmet, drawing them into the same lot with Albanian extremists, thus making the international troops instrumental in the realization of his own ambitions.

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