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...As you read about Bosnia and Kosovo in your daily newspapers I remind you of the words of Socrates spoken at his trial in his own defence: "I do not know what effect my accusers have had upon you gentlemen but for my own part I was almost carried away by them; their arguments were so convincing. On the other hand scarcely a word of what they said was true."....

субота, 17. децембар 2011.

Serbia: Surviving the American Imperium - Mail Online - Thomas Fleming's blog

Serbia: Surviving the American Imperium - Mail Online - Thomas Fleming's blog



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'Fabulous,' using the word in its positive sense. With you at the wheel one can sleep comfortably in the backseat, and even dream. Thanks, as i struggle toward adulthood. One last childish question, as I awake: "when will we be getting there?"

I found a couple pictures of that Catholic church on the internet. It is both hideous and laughable all at the same time.

Serbia will survive. In all likelihood, a new dawn will break after the upcoming crisis hits the Eurozone and the American Empire, and then washes over and recedes. All they have to do is endure.

If there is a significant remnant of the faithful in Serbia, and only our Lord knows what a significant remnant is, a remnant faithful to Him in the special Serbian idiom of the Christian faith in which He has set them, who through all of this endure, then shall HIs grace, His mercy and His peace be upon them; for all of us who claim His Name, whether in Serbia or whether here in America in the belly of the beast, must remember that He does not require success but that He requires that we be found faithful to the end. Let it then be our prayer as Christmas Tide that the Serbian remnant will have the courage and the faith to endure.

Dr. Fleming, three things need to be addressed. First, the present socio-economic regime in *all* non-Muslim industrialized countries ACTIVELY ENCOURAGES young people to travel and to be perpetual students rather than to become productive workers and to begin families. In fact, those who are economically and biologically productive are in comparison punished. Deracination is in vogue. Until that is reversed, there is little hope of reviving a sense of communal morale in Serbia or elsewhere.

You hint at this when you say, "I believe it would take very little to put them [the Serbians] back on track--a patriotic government, a school system that is not dedicated to destroying the mind and character of the children, the chance of getting a decent job." But I also think that as one of the minor countries of Europe, Serbia's confidence depends on the more heavyweight guardians of Occidental civilization - Russia, Britain, Germany and France - to do likewise and to start once again acting act, whatever their other failings may be, as the bullwarks assuring the security of Christian civilization against her enemies.

Suppose, for example, that France or Russia succumbed to the ever-rising tide of African and Central Asian Muslims. How could ANY European country have confidence in or feel secure about the future? Even if the U.S. and its European satellites stop picking on the poor Serbs, Serbia's fortunes and place in the world will continue to depend almost entirely on the goodwill of other European and [historically] Christian peoples to do their part. *That* thought has got to be really unnerving for most Serbians (or for anyone else, for that matter).

Lastly, while the new church is indeed appalling, I do think the Liverpool Cathedral has it beat. That one calls to mind some sort of mysterious Aztec temple sporting those weird anti-pigeon wires that one also finds atop the heads of the statues of the Queens of France in the Jardin de Luxembourg.

There are of course general tendencies in the West's decline. There are differences, nonetheless, and USA does not equal France does not equal Serbia does not equal UK. And while it is certainly true that our government/society structures biases against all that is normal and good, it is up to men and women to decide who they are and what they want. I had dinner at a wonderful Belgrade place,Srpska Kafana, with a youngish lawyer and his wife. They have four children, are considering more, and work hard to build a decent life in occupied Serbia. The next night I was taken out by a group of young scholars, and one of them bragged of his four children. I think most old-fashioned people know right from wrong and know how they should live. They should forget about the obstacles and begin the adventure.

Dr. Fleming, most of my friends grew up in families of five to ten children. I do agree with you, that "think most old-fashioned people know right from wrong and know how they should live" and that we ought to "forget about the obstacles and begin the adventure."

The thing is, most people are NOT so magnanimous. They do what seems comfortable and there are plenty of forces making marriage and family appear very uncomfortable. And unfortunately, the mediocre elements of society will always be with us. They need more inspiration than their own mediocre virtues.

Put it another way. The good Roman Catholics of France all have large families, sure. But they remain a minority. Will they be enough to outbreed the Maghrebian immigrants? If not, then while perhaps they will be rewarded in the life to come, there is every reason to think that the future will be bleak.

It isn't enough just to CALL for people to have more babies. People higher up have to call for this AND set the example--and revoke student discounts for pretty much everything under the sun. You know, in France, you used to get a discount of 20 to 50 percent on the TGV if you were between ages 12 and 25. Well, as of last month, you get this discount if you are between the ages of 12 and 30!

When will this pro-Bohemian/anti-reality madness stop? Only when we have abolished the notion of adolescence in Western society, in France, in the U.S., in Serbia and everywhere else!

Great Article! I've lived in Serbia for 11 years and you are 100% correct in everything you said, including your assessment about having more babies. I'm going out for a rakija with some friends tonight. (and maybe make some babies ; )

I'm trying to locate the pictures that Allen W. mentioned in his comment. Would someone (or Allen, if you are back) post a link or share search terms? I'm just dying to see photos of the place.

"If they return to their traditions and start having babies again, then they will be able to endure whatever form of subjugation the American Empire and its European satellites imposes."

But it will take faith in God to do so.

"I believe it would take very little to put them back on track--a patriotic government, a school system that is not dedicated to destroying the mind and character of the children, the chance of getting a decent job."

The same could be said for the United States.

I apologize if this is a duplicate, but I'm experiencing some difficulty in posting my comments.

In general, I agree with practically everything Tom Fleming wrote.

@NGPM - when you are backed into a corner, what do you do? It may even be as simple as that. Having said that, look up 'Dveri' from Serbia here on the net - the slogan is 'movement for life of Serbia'.

I agree, the Serbs would have to be crazy to want to join the EU that is sitting on a mountain of financial dynamite.

Serbia is not unique.America us is broke,corrupt and going over the cliff, Euro is sinking, while China is rolling in money.. And to top it all Russia is offering 10 billion Euros to bail out Europe from its financial quagmire.

If somebody had told you this ten years ago you would have questioned his mental health!



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