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Food, illegal? Not in my back yard. « NZ Food Security

Food, illegal? Not in my back yard. « NZ Food Security

Food, illegal? Not in my back yard.

July 19, 2011

nzfoodsecurity@gmail.com: Warrantless searches of houses and marae for food and seeds, even with guns, are coming to NZ soon thanks to the Food Bill – unless you do something.

The following video shows a SWAT team raiding a health food store in California. The Food Bill paves the way for this to happen in NZ (yes, also with guns). This site deals with Solutions to this Very Big Problem. Please watch the video, listen to the audio, and read the text and comments.

Please also SHARE this site on Facebook with your groups and friends. Thank you. And if you feel like making a donation… tena koe :-)

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What is the Food Bill?

- A Government Bill introduced to Parliament in May 2010, which has since passed its first reading and been through a Select Committee review. It is awaiting a second reading as at 20 July. It may be enacted in the near future.

What are the problems with the Food Bill?

- It turns a human right (to grow food and share it) into a government-authorised privilege that can be summarily revoked.

- It makes it illegal to distribute “food” without authorisation, and it defines “food” in such a way that it includes nutrients, seeds, natural medicines, essential minerals and drinks (including water).

- By controlling seeds, the bill takes the power to grow food away from the public and puts it in the hands of seed companies. That power may be abused.

- The bill will push up mainstream food prices by subjecting producers to red tape and registration costs. Food prices are already rising due to increased energy costs and commodity speculation, while effective disposable incomes are falling.

- Growing food for distribution must be authorised, even for “cottage industries”, and such authorisation can be denied.

- Under the Food Bill, Police acting as Food Safety Officers can raid premises without a warrant, using all equipment they deem necessary – including guns (Clause 265 – 1).

- Members of the private sector can also be Food Safety Officers, as at Clause 243. So Monsanto employees can raid premises – including marae – backed up by armed police.

- The Bill gives Food Safety Officers immunity from criminal and civil prosection.

- The Government has created this bill to keep in line with its World Trade Organisation obligations under an international scheme called Codex Alimentarius (“Food Book”). So it has to pass this bill in one form or another.

- There are problems with Codex also. Codex will place severe restrictions on the content of vitamins, minerals and therapeutic compounds in food, drinks and supplements etc.

- The Food Bill means that non-Codex-complying producers can be shut down easily – thus it paves the way for the legal enforcement of Codex food regulations. Producers will be denied registration (which is discretionary) if they do not keep to Codex food production rules.

What are the implications for Food Security in NZ?

- The bill would undermine the efforts of many people to become more self-sufficient within their local communities.

- Seed banks and seed-sharing networks could be shut down if they could not obtain authorisation. Loss of seed variety would make it more difficult to grow one’s own food.

- Home-grown food and some or all seed could not be bartered on a scale or frequency necessary to feed people in communities where commercially available food has become unaffordable or unavailable (for example due to economic collapse).

- Restrictions on the trade of food and seed would quickly lead to the permanent loss of heirloom strains, as well as a general lowering of plant diversity in agriculture.

- Organic producers of heirloom foods could lose market share to big-money agribusiness outfits, leading to an increase in the consumption of nutrient-poor and GE foods.

If the bill is going to be passed anyway, what can we do?

- People must decide if they will allow the enacted bill to apply them individually. The hardest thing to realise here is that we actually have a choice. Yet we do. The Crown tells us we are subject to legislation only by our consent – in other words by our individual, informed choice – here.

This consent can be formally revoked using a notarised Claim of Right (see www.claimofright.org for a template). If such a Claim is not disputed by affected parties like the police, Ministry of Justice etc, the claimant is no longer subject to legislation (though still subject to Common Law).

- Those who choose not to be subject to the enacted bill and other prohibitive legislation individually can then take steps to protect their collective interests using the formal contract the Queen has with the Natives of this country – the contract being the 1835 Declaration of Independence and its subsequent variation, Te Tiriti o Waitangi 1840.

Again, the hardest thing here is a mental hurdle that must be overcome – our indoctrination over, or simple weariness of, the constitutional law of this country. But again, once this is achieved, the final solution is elegantly simple. For more on this, see the Maori Customary Law website, which helps hapu to stand in their own Sovereignty by providing template documents for filing with the Crown. You can also meet Maori sovereignty experts from all around the country, at Te Tii Marae, Waitangi, on 27th and 28th October – Independence Day. For more, see whakaminenga.

Details about the Food Bill

The bill is here.

Under the bill, any “undertaking” (anyone) that “processes” (grows/produces) “food” (plants/anything that can be eaten/plant material/seeds) for “sale” (bartering/offering/giving away/feeding people/selling for reserve bank notes etc) OR that just “sells” (barters, gives away) any “food” (plants, seeds etc) however that “food” is acquired will need to be licensed by the government in some way, or have a specific exemption.

This is outlined in the Meanings Sections (Sections 8-10, and Section 12) that are appended below in Appendix B.

The bill is vague on whether seeds are food if for non-grain-producing plants or others where seeds are eaten, like sunflowers. In other words seeds for rice, potatos, kumara, wheat, barley etc are all “food”, but seeds for brassicas may not be… but may also be.

And further it’s very vague on whether giving away for no reward (amazingly) constitutes “selling” under the bill.

People may be outraged that they can’t grow carrots and regularly swap them with their neighbour two doors down for his potatoes (or face jail). They will clearly be criminals under this bill.

However this is all side-show stuff.

The key factor is seeds. In many cases they specifically are food, of course. Grain seed, seed potatoes, rice, maize, quinoa, many staples etc etc – as the bill stands all these will explicitly be controlled substances, with similar penalties for possession as drugs.

Regarding not-normally-eaten seeds, it’s a short hop (via a single court ruling probably) that they are “food” by virtue of both being plant material and being “capable of being used for human consumption” (Section 8, see Appendix B below).

So the Food Bill is wide open for seed control – for staples already, and the rest by dint of a court ruling (after seed banks are raided without warrant and seeds condemned, perhaps, and the actions challenged).

This being so, the unenforceability of prohibiting people from growing food for local distribution becomes a moot point. No good seeds means no good food (if any food at all) to distribute.

OK, so that’s the problem… what are the solutions?

In NZ there are protections against this kind of thing through the Treaty, highlighted in the WAI 262 claim Tribunal findings recently released in relation to taonga species, ie those considered to have human benefit. Such protection is enforceable via the Queen under the 1835 Declaration of Independence, which was reinforced rather than supplanted by the Treaty (Tiriti version, the binding one).

Simply put, to stop people from being able to trade food they grow, or to get good seeds to grow it, is just basic treason (the crime of betraying one’s country) and a breach of tikanga and thus the Treaty. The solution therefore lies in the Treaty (the Tiriti version, which on the issue of sovereignty/tino rangatiratanga/ “full authority” is upheld by the English law rule of Contra Proferentem in contracts. Thus the Queen is bound to be subject to the “full authority” of regional rangatira by her own laws… and the rangatira can overrule any food police. Hence the Governor-General has veto controls in the Bill – he is the Queen’s representative, and needs veto power to act as the instrument of rangatira where they wish to exercise their authority – anything else is unconstitutional.)

Again, details of how to use tino rangatiratanga in this way are available via the Maori Customary Law website, which helps hapu to stand in their own Sovereignty by providing template documents for filing with the Crown. You can also meet Maori sovereignty experts from all around the country, at Te Tii Marae, Waitangi, on 27th and 28th October – Independence Day. For more, see whakaminenga.

Individuals or collectives of people can also contract out from under this legislation by revoking their consent to parliamentary representation. This is done via a properly served Claim of Right. See www.claimofright.org. You can thus nullify your enforceable adherence to legislation enacted by a legislature you are no longer represented in. (See Appendix A.) By serving copies of your claim on all affected parties, you can enforce this contracting out upon agencies that would otherwise assume you’re subject. You file your Notice/Claim via a Notary Public, which leaves nothing up for any dispute that a judge might otherwise have to adjudicate over, and thus no case to defend.

It’s also worth noting that due to this point of consent, the legislation is neither in breach of the Tiriti, nor is it treason :-) . This is the only way it can be got away with.

With luck this is not rabbit-hole stuff for you. It’s actually very simple. By contrast, legislation like the Food Bill is designed to get lost in. It’s 400 pages of mind-bending rubbish. We have the right to not have to consider these bills, nor get lost in them, nor have them apply to us, and to just go about our peaceful business – especially when legislation is enacted by people who don’t read it, nor even have it read to them anymore, and who we’re not represented by anyway if we simply tell them so. Judges uphold this basic truth, one might add. It’s about being right.

Meanwhile, the Tiriti holds the key for the country as a whole. Judges are sworn to uphold this too, because they have sworn an oath to uphold the law, and the Tiriti is part of our constitutional law. If they don’t uphold it, it’s because not enough people are holding them to account because they are snoozing as to what their human rights are and how they’re about to be seemingly (but not really) taken away. Rather they’ve been given away, by consent.


PS: You can also save seeds, and keep them secure :-)

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Appendix A

Parliament Brief: The legislative process (from here).

“The law is the framework within which citizens consent to be governed. Democratic theory is that having elected their lawmakers (legislators), citizens recognise the legitimacy of the laws made ontheir behalf by the lawmakers and consent to abide by those laws.”

[In other words, if you tell your local MP that you revoke your consent for him/her to represent you, and don't vote, you can logically also revoke your consent to abide by all legislation enacted in Parliament - it being the case that you no longer recognise its legitimacy in relation to yourself because, as above, it no longer has any. Nice of them to tell us :-]

Appendix B

Meaning of food

8 Meaning of food

(1) In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires, food—

(a) means anything that is used, capable of being used, or
represented as being for use, for human consumption
(whether raw, prepared, or partly prepared); and

(b) includes—
(i) plants; and
(ii) live animals intended for human consumption at
the place of purchase; and
(iii) live animals for human consumption that are sold
in retail premises; and
(iv) any ingredient or nutrient or other constituent of
any food or drink, whether that ingredient or nu-
trient or other constituent is consumed or repre-
sented for consumption on its own by humans,
or is used in the preparation of, or mixed with or
added to, any food or drink; and
(v) anything that is or is intended to be mixed with
or added to any food or drink; and
(vi) chewing gum, and any ingredient of chewing
gum, and anything that is or is intended to be
mixed with or added to chewing gum; and
(vii) anything that is declared by the Governor-Gen-
eral, by Order in Council made under section
355, to be food for the purposes of this Act; but

(c) does not include—
(i) any tobacco; or
(ii) any cosmetics; or
(iii) any substances used only as medicines (within
the meaning of the Medicines Act 1981), any
controlled drugs (within the meaning of the Mis-
use of Drugs Act 1975), or any restricted sub-
stances (within the meaning of the Misuse of
Drugs Amendment Act 2005); or
(iv) any cookware and related products; or
(v) any packaging (except edible packaging).

(2) To avoid doubt, neither subsection (1)(b)(iv) nor (v) requires
any ingredient, nutrient, or other constituent of any food or
drink or anything that is or is intended to be mixed with or
added to any food or drink to comply, on its own, with the
applicable requirements of this Act that specifically relate to
food in its final consumable form.

Meaning of food business

9 Meaning of food business

In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires, food busi-

(a) means a business, activity, or undertaking that trades in
food (whether in whole or in part); and

(b) includes a business, activity, or undertaking that—
(i) transports or stores food; or 35
(ii) sells food on the Internet; or
(iii) provides, for reward, premises (including mobile
premises) or services in connection with or for
the purpose of trading in food (for example, an
event organiser, an organiser of a market at which
food is sold, or a lessor); or
(iv) is declared by the Governor-General, by Order in
Council made under section 355, to be a food
business for the purposes of this Act; but

(c) does not include a business, activity, or undertaking
(i) carries on any other business besides trading in
food and, in the course of which, acts as an inter-
mediary between persons who trade in food by
providing, for reward, premises a place (includ-
ing mobile premises) or services (for example, an
Internet service provider or an auction site on the
Internet); or
(ii) trades exclusively in food-related accessories; or
(iii) lets for hire any equipment (such as marquees,
tables, and chairs); or
(iv) is declared by the Governor-General, by Order
in Council made under section 355, not to be a
food business for the purposes of this Act.

Meaning of processing and handling

10 Meaning of processing and handling

In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires, processing
and handling, in relation to food for sale, includes any 1 or
more of the following:

(a) preparing the food:
(b) manufacturing the food:
(c) packing the food:
(d) transporting the food:
(e) storing the food:
(f) displaying the food:
(g) serving the food.

Meaning of sale
12 Meaning of sale
(1) In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires, sale, in re-
lation to food,—
(a) means selling food for processing and handling or for
human consumption; and
(b) includes—
(i) reselling food for processing and handling or for
human consumption; and
(ii) offering food or attempting to sell food, or re-
ceiving or having food in possession for sale, or
exposing food for sale, or sending or delivering
food for sale, or causing or permitting food to be
sold, offered, or exposed for sale; and
(iii) bartering food; and
(iv) selling, or offering to sell, any thing of which any
food forms a part; and
(v) supplying food, together with any accommoda-
tion, service, or entertainment, as part of an in-
clusive charge; and
(vi) supplying food in exchange for payment or in
relation to which payment is to be made in a shop,
hotel, restaurant, at a stall, in or on a craft or
vehicle, or any other place; and
(vii) for the purpose of advertisement or to promote
any trade or business, offering food as a prize
or reward to the public, whether on payment of
money or not, or giving away food; and
(viii) exporting food; and
(ix) every other method of disposition of food for
valuable consideration.
(2) The sale, offer, or exposure for sale of any food is to be treated,
unless the contrary is proved, as a sale, an offer, or an exposure
for sale of the food for human consumption.
(3) The sale of any food for the purpose of being mixed with any
other food is to be treated, unless the contrary is proved, as a
sale if the bulk or product produced by the mixing, or any part
of the bulk or product, is intended to be sold.
(4) The supply of food by or on behalf of the Crown that is funded
directly in whole or in part by the Crown for the purpose
(whether in whole or in part), or that is funded by any other
means, is to be treated as a sale of the food, unless an enact-
ment provides otherwise.

Appendix C

Select Committee recommendations

Small scale businesses

We recommend amending clause 95 by inserting new subclause 95(5)
to provide an example of a person to whom the chief executive might
grant an exemption from the requirement to operate under a regis-
tered food control plan or national programme. This example con-
cerns someone who produces in his or her own home any food for
sale, and sells the food to a consumer only, and does not employ or
engage anyone else to assist in the production or sale of the food, and
does not otherwise sell or distribute the food.

The treatment of very small-scale food businesses has emerged as
a matter of particular interest in our consideration of the bill. Very
small-scale food traders, or “cottage industries” are not distinguished
in the bill. It would be difficult to quantify “small-scale” in terms of
profit, quantity of product, or number of people involved in the oper-
ation, and it is also difficult to define a “cottage” food industry. Do-
ing so could have the effect of inappropriately including or excluding
particular food-trading activities. Therefore we do not recommend a
generic “cottage industry” provision, and propose instead that any
exemption from the requirement to operate under a food control plan
or national programme regulations could be made on a case-by-case
basis through the exercise of the chief executive’s exemption power
under this clause.

SO, TO WRAP UP: Well, we’re not going to let a bunch of offshore lawyers have the last word.

Offshore lawyers, you say? Yes, you heard right. Kate Wilkinson, Food Safety minister, whose name appears on top of the bill, says she had Simply No Idea That Her Bill Covered Seeds. Nor, the Greens say, did they – even though they voted for the bill’s first reading and had representatives on the Select Committee that further approved it. (For both obfuscations, replete with spin, see here.)

Which all begs the question, do Parliamentarians even read this stuff? NO. Have it read to them? NO! Just the title is read in Parliament. How about, do they write it? No, lawyers do that.

So who are these lawyers, and where do they work from?

The idea that Kate Wilkinson does not know the implications of a bill with her name on it (or says she doesn’t) is pretty astounding. So again – who are her ghost writers? Where are these lawyers based? Freedom of Information Request, anyone?

We know the Food Bill is being pushed by the US Food and Drug Administration via its involvement in Codex Alimentarius (the “Food Book”), which is a decades-in-the-making initiative being foisted upon all World Trade Organisation member countries.

NZ is a WTO member. And all member states have to implement Codex or lose food trade disputes by default. So Codex implementation is spreading through WTO countries like a dominant gene.

And of course genes are in large part what Codex is about… spreading GMOs throughout the food supply, either by business practice or by hitching a ride on the regenerative process via cross-pollination. And thereafter royalties ensue, for the likes of Monsanto. Which, of course, is a major lobbyist of the US FDA and a proponent of Codex.

The lawyers that wrote the Food Bill, one way or other, some place or other, maybe even in Washington (read on) – well, they work for global commercial interests. They do not work for your interests.

It does come down to business in the end, and control. Control of the food supply. Control a nation’s food, and you control its people. What is certain about the Food Bill is that it takes control away from home gardener networks (which have to operate as networks to share food and seed meaningfully) by making them illegal, and it gives it to those who can afford the expensive registration costs of being Food Bill compliant – to commercial food businesses. Who are then beholden to the Codex architects.

This is so because these commercial business will have to adhere to Codex Alimentarius food regulations handed down by the US FDA via the WTO and NZ Govt, or they will have their operating licences revoked. So the food they grow will be Codex compliant – which means irradiated, GM, hormone-injected, pesticide (poison) laden, life-force devoid food that’s lacking in nutritionally important vitamins and minerals.

Good for agribusiness, bad for you.

In short, this Bill could kill you. Or your children. But don’t take our word for it. Research Codex for yourself.

Does Kate Wilkinson know this? Yes. She knows most, if not all of it.

Is she trying to cover it up or spin it? Yes.

Wilkinson has a track record of concentrating attention stage right while something very detrimental happens stage left. For more on this, consider the 2010 Mining Schedule 4 Conservation Land debate she staged as Conservation Minister – it was all about defusing the uproar over the fact Schedules 1, 2, and 3 were to be mined. They never intended to mine Schedule 4. It was a blind. Simple duplicity. And the media, public and Greens took it hook, line and sinker.

The Food Bill has had no coverage in the mainstream on the issues that will actually affect people – like do they suffer from malnutrition or food toxicity? And the deception runs very deep. First you must know about the bill, which until two months ago was totally under the radar. Then you must delve into its 400 pages of mind-bendery. Then you must read between the lines with an eye to its provenance – the US FDA and global commercial interests. Finally, you must get the word out – tricky, when the mainstream is wary of stories that stink to high heaven of high-level commercial and political c-c-conspiracie.

Still with us? Good!

So, to wrap things up, when you consider how NZ actually gets its $300m-a-week debt-backed loans – with “The Crown” being a registered corporation in Washington DC called Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand, that offers our labour and resources as securites on said loans that can never be repaid because there’s more debt in global circulation than credit (that actually bundles up and trades those securities on stock exchanges like the LSE)… well NOW you start joining dots in the bigger picture that hitherto only our PM and Cabinet and judiciary were privy to (plus us).

Basically, international bankers own NZ, thanks in no small part to our former Merryl-Lyncher PM John Key hooking them up with great material securities for their house-of-cards moneylending services. So who do you think really wrote the Food Bill? Well, it was bankers probably. With accounts at the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

We are caught in a web called Debt Slavery, through our ignorance and ultimately our consensual inaction. And very soon, it could cost us dinner on the table.

But word is quickly spreading – about the Food Bill, at least. Please, do your bit – SHARE a link to www.nzfoodsecurity.org on Facebook, print this out and pass it around at farmers’ markets, link in from your blogs and ring around local organic food suppliers and ask them if they’ve heard of the bill. Get their email addresses, send them the link and ask them to forward it and place printouts of this page at their point of sale. You could even hand out copies outside New World ;-)

Once you’ve got the word out, DO something. File a Claim of Right prior to the election (and don’t vote). Better still, become adopted by a hapu, because hapu can issue Orders overriding all parts of this bill for their districts (rohe). The Governor-General has to and will respect such orders, and exempt whole regions falling under hapu rangatiratanga that exerise their rangatiratanga. He is constitutionally bound to do so, and the bill gives very clear provisions for his intervention – it has to.

The bottom line is that kids in New Zealand are already suffering malnutrition from rising food prices. This Bill will make food even more expensive, and less nutritious to boot. And you won’t be able to grow and share food properly, so you’ll be beholden to a failing pyramid-scheme global banking system.

In lawyer speak, this country is about to be severely rorted. Which means screwed. Do you give your consent?


Then cry “RAPE”, and loudly. And reach for your pepper spray.


Please share on Facebook on your wall, in groups, and with friends. Thank you!

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SEPTEMBER 1: BFM’s The Wire - interview with Rosie Ryburn. Listen here.

SEPTEMBER 11: Sunday Star-Times – Rob O’Neill reports on the Food Bill, albeit with multiple errors and on September 11, thus burying the news under Rugby World Cup hype and Twin Towers flashbacks. Read more here.

SEPTEMBER 27: A Food Bill truth story hits number four on the What’s Hot page of Reddit – which is momentous :-) For the story, and comments, see here. Meanwhile, 6400 people have now crammed Kate Wilkinon’s inbox via www.petitiononline.co.nz, voicing their disgust at the bill. And eight out of ten of today’s top results on a google search for “food bill 160″ are protesting the bill.

So while the mainstream media keeps up its near-total silence on the Food Bill, real people are using their own networks to spread information about the most important thing for us after water – food. This tide seems to be gathering pace. Share, share, share…

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  1. The fact that this bill is being brought in to bring NZ into line with WTO / Codex Alimentarus standards gives us a clue to it’s true purpose. WTO/Codex exists to further the aims of corporate farming, corporate food processing and corporate retailing.

    For years now the compliance sector have pursued this agenda, using “one size fits all” compliance models to advance corporate penetration and at the same time as a “town-hall job-creation scheme” to employ the low-grade graduates that can’t get a job in real science and who’s sense of entitlement precludes their engagement in “dirty hands” productive work.

    A fine example of the collusion between bureaucracy and corporate sector to disempower and parasitise both the small business sector and the general public good.

    Here’s the subsection that means that small producers that use Wwoofers will not be eligible for exemption from the registration requirements requirements of the Food Act.

    Small scale businesses
    We recommend amending clause 95 by inserting new subclause 95(5) to provide an example of a person to whom the chief executive might grant an exemption from the requirement to operate under a registered food control plan or national programme. This example concerns someone who produces in his or her own home any food for sale, and sells the food to a consumer only, and does not employ or engage anyone else to assist in the production or sale of the food, and does not otherwise sell or distribute the food.

    (5) Without limiting anything in this section, a person who may be granted an exemption under this section includes someone
    (a) produces in his or her own home any food for sale; and
    (b) sells the food to a consumer only; and
    (c) does not employ or engage any other person to assist in the production or sale of the food; and
    (d) does not otherwise sell or distribute the food.

    Note the use of the words “might” and “may”. In legalese, these mean that any exemption is entirely at the discretion of the minister and thus might never even come into being, and if it does, could be revoked at any time.

    Disgusting. In my opinion a treason worthy of our utter contempt.

    • Kevthefarmer – You’re missing one more important point about the purpose of Codex – the most important part of it. I know that to many who don’t follow what government propaganda/demonizing has named “conspiracy theory,” but that propaganda doesn’t make it untrue. Looking at the standards of Codex and how they’re applied pretty much clinches it, too. Codex is NOT a consumer protection agency – it’s primary purpose is to reduce the nutrition available in any given food so that the end result in any country that uses those standards starves the majority of its citizenry. It is a weapon in the continuation of the Nazi Eugenics program that the ‘elites’ of today refer to as “the Great Culling.” Why else judge the maximum allowable dose of a supplement by the same standard as a known toxin? That is, the maximum allowable dose is the one which produces any measurable or noticeable effect (including health!) on the human body. It make sense with a toxin, but NOT with nutrients! You might also look at the founders: the former I.G. Farben CEO, just having finished his prison time, who went with the idea to the W.H.O. and an old friend already there.

      Look at other requirements of Codex: it requires the use of GMO-derived growth hormones in food animals that the E.U. now forbids. It requires insane levels of irradiation that destroy most of the nutrients of the foods it’s used on. There’s more, but all of it adds up to the same goal – depopulation. That’s why they make it so hard to withdraw from Codex, and why the penalties can actually cripple a country. Codex Alimentarius exists to kill three billion people. Per Dr. Rima Laibow of Health Freedom dot com, the first billion are to die of “simple starvation.” The next two billion will be profitable to the Big Pharma and the allopathic medical industry, as they will die of the preventable diseases of malnutrition – everything from scurvy to cancer and a myriad other diseases. Codex does nothing useful, at least to those who are not ‘elite’ sociopaths bent on owning the world. It needs to simply not exist at ALL.


      • You are bang on. Very well said. I’m glad that others see the often unthinkable truth behind all of this. The facts are there for those that wish to research it but many times, people including our local MP here in New Plymouth refuse to accept it. He is still promoting the Food Bill and a recent newspaper article basically quoted him as saying “nothing to worry about and won’t cost the taxpayers anything”.

  2. Barbara McPhillips permalink

    This is the most blatant denial of human rights. Are we REALLY living in a FREE COUNTRY?
    Anyone who has any form of support for such things needs to be shunned seriously, and exposed wherever and whenever possible. This has been happenning elsewhere for some time and I, like many, have had a ‘it wont happen here’ thinking, but NOT ANY MORE. This is communistic at the least and dictatorship next – lets be warned and no more procrastination or take what comes.

    • William L permalink

      I agree with your statement on all but one count – it is not communistic in any sense of the word. It is, in fact, anti-communistic. Nor is it truly dictatorial. That would require one central figurehead, while this attack on humanity is clearly the work of a global corporatocracy, akin to a medusa.

      It’s best not to use terms like communism – which at its root is very much what we’re embracing by joining together to inform ourselves and fight back against this injustice – when describing such things. It tends to derail the conversation, and conjures up the same fears as the scaremongering tactics the opposition use.

      This is like nothing we’ve ever experienced before; we need to keep supporting each other, informing and frightening off the specters they conjure up to drive us apart.

      • You are correct. This is a Medusa. It is an alliance of various interests that have congealed into a power bloc with some very very old ideologies and even occultic history. This vast monster seems to have a single point of direction to all it’s bulk and that single point is evil itself. If you believe in the Bible i’d call it Satan himself. Other than that, definitely a Medusa or a Hydra.

    • Justy – What it is, is Neocon. If you want to see the worst case of it on the planet, watch my country – America. They want absolute control for the super-wealthy, they want a world-wide slave state, and being allowed to eat healthy, live food when they want 90% of the world’s population to get on with dying. This newest law, S-1867 will help them with that a lot. All it takes is an accusation of “terrorism”, which has now been tacked onto anything from jaywalking to – well, ANYthing, and anyone at all can be hauled away and disappeared indefinitely.America is a free country, and anybody who disagrees is gonna get disappeared, by God! It has been a creeping assault with lots of midnight meetings and appointments until all the agencies that might have been called on for redress of grievances has long since been infiltrated. There are no real, honest elections, and corporate lobbyists and other industry insiders occupy our regulatory agencies. The legal apparatus of the country has far more right-leaning judges or just plain power hungry ones, and the prosecutors have essentially taken over. Water is being bought up by the government and by corporations all over the world now, and the organic/healthy food industry is under concerted attack. And what it really is, is the the group of people who picked Hitler and bankrolled him. It’s been the same group behind all wars for quite some time, and their hold on economies has been immeasurably helped by things like the IMF and CFR. Personally, I think we’re pretty much screwed.They’re in Canada, Australia and NZed, and they’re pushing hard at the EU countries.

      The Sociopaths seem to have won.


      • Kia ora Ian. We’ve watched the passing of S.1867, the National Defense Authorisation Act, with incredulity. President Obama, Nobel peace Prize Winner 2009, has just suspended the Bill of Rights in your country and declared war on the American people, enabling citizens to be detained indefinitely without trial if even “suspected” of helping a “terrorist” – such as a Wall Street Occupier. The United States Constitution has been defiled, if not destroyed. Oh yes, and if you have more than seven days’ worth of food stored, that indicates “terrorism” to the “authorities” (while to us, “terrified” springs to mind. Such is the nature of forked-tongue DoubleSpeak).

        We’re not surprised Obama signed the thing – or even that he got a Peace Prize, which has to be the biggest joke of the millenium so far. We’re talking about dudes who are not quite human, after all. Rather we’re surprised how the fast-asleep American people allowed such a thing to happen. All those “conspiracy theories” about FEMA camps on YouTube are rather sobering now.

        Perhaps this can serve as a wake-up call for similar snoozers in NZ.

        Now here’s an idea. Maybe even as crazy as the one about America declaring war on itself. In New Zealand we are, esoterically speaking, in the single best position to effect global change through consciousness… because we are, according to the “illuminated ones”, the First to Get the Charge.

        What’s “the Charge”? Well, there’s an idea that when we dream, we are affected by the consciousness of all those on the planet who are already awake. And our dreams, so the theory goes, set the tone for us during the day. This means that folks who woke up before us have an effect on our day – and the effect they have depends on what they were thinking when we were asleep.

        The people of NZ are the first people of any significant number, globally, to wake up during any given day. We’re the first to “get the Charge”, after the sun has crossed the wide expanse of the Pacific. The Charge then travels around the world, with the sun, and with whatever tone we give it.

        So four million people can, theoretically, influence the rest of the world – just with the thoughts we have during the first couple of hours every morning. We can even rule Australia on any given day! Who’d have known this little country of big coincidences could have such an effect?

        Of course, all the above could be total bollocks. Still, it would be a kick in the balls for the Australians. Maybe we should will it be so.

        Suggest you sleep on it, Kiwis ;-)

        PS Throw away your radio alarm clock. And your television.

        PPS The NDAA and Obama Peace Prize are NOT bollocks. See http://articles.businessinsider.com/2011-12-15/news/30519351_1_president-obama-veto-indefinite-detention and http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/peace/laureates/2009/press.html

      • That’s pretty much word for word how i would also describe it. I have followed people like Lyndon Larouche for years. He calls it the British/Venetian system or the Oligarchical System. He describes the central part of this power structure being in London rather than America because of the nature of the Federal Reserve System. Even the UN was largely the RIIA (Chatham House) which came out of British Intellectual circles like HG Wells, George Bernard Shaw, the Huxleys, the Milner Group, Cecil Rhodes and it goes on and on. They indeed did bankroll Hitler and Stalin. It is amazing. They run the drugs, they people traffic, the are into Eugenics and they have been consolidating for a long time. I have a stack of books on all of this. It is hard to know where to even begin when describing this giant Octopus but banking is absolute key and also the system of commercial laws which banking sits on. The ideology is as old as the hills. People think things have changed in the modern world but esentially they have not. We still have all the old networks of power coming from the same sources with the same ancient characteristics. Maybe you believe in God or maybe not but these guys are very into occultism. They know it has power and they use it. For those who think it is simply quackery or simply a theory, they better look again. Their symbolism is everywhere. I spot it all the time. It’s like seeing the Matrix code. Life is definitely stranger than fiction. No doubt about it.

  3. Jean-Luc Picard permalink


    I have read the claims of right website. It sounds all very good and I agree with it. My questions are the following and I would very much appreciate your feedback:

    1. If one submits this claim of right, what would be the consequences? I am currently running a wholefoods business and I see he is mentioning the undoing of his IRD number. How would this claim of right affect my abilities to operate within society and my business? I suppose I am asking because if I have an idea of potential consequences, I can gauge better when to possible submit this claim of right.

    2. The http://www.maoricustomarylaw.com. website does not work at the moment. Do you know about this? is there a way to access the information in another way?

    3. Can you tell me if this right of claim also applies to people who are non-residents still (i.e. temporary work visa) and to people who are residents but not citiziens of NZ?

    Thank you for your help

    • Hi JLP. I’ve written you a detailed response, which to keep this page more free I’ve posted at http://nzfoodsecurity.org/remedies-in-detail/
      Thank you very much for your questions, and my apologies again for the slightly delayed response. Kia ora.

      • Heather permalink

        I live in the US, could you point me in the right direction, websites etc.,where I can go and do something about this horrible act against humanity? I have a 4 year old son who has every food allergy under the sun and this would be very very bad for him and other children like him. I am literally sick to my stomach at the thought of this and the video posted above is absolutely chilling. No one is even talking about this here in the US, the ignorance is killing me. Please help.

      • Hi Heather. We are sorry to hear this news has upset you. Senate Bill S.510 seems to have made this situation a reality in the States already. Not sure if it bans seeds.

        It does however look like a big financial crash is imminent. At least the euro NWO puppeteers would have us believe so, desensitising everyone with their “we can fix it, no we can’t” broken record act. If this is the case, you might wish to read the following, and get yourself a seed bank. Keep the seeds well and they will last three years before you need to sow them.

        Kia ora to the first nations. The best to yourself and your son.


  4. Wake up People… Bill Clinton speech on Agenda 21 is a Propaganda to contaminate food crops that we believe are healthy.
    Cancer, diabetes and heart problems will triple over the next decade and people will blame it on their lifestyle

  5. Normal Person permalink

    While It sounds pure totalitarian, it doesn’t even sound a shade communist which is … about being communal and sharing, quite the opposite of this! … it’s pure corporatist capitialism, which isn’t even close to capitalism these days but just about control and number crunching and formulas of production that never work in the real world or solve real issues…

  6. Taupuhi McLetchie permalink

    TOTALLY DISGUSTING and TREASON AGAINST ALL Free peoples of NZ-Aotearoa.. out the instigators, supporters and lobbyists for such an abhorrent attack on OUR FREEDOM and RIGHTS!!

  7. Simple Simon permalink

    I can’t see anywhere in the text above where the act
    of growing a food crop for oneself or family is covered.
    Can someone please point it out to me? I must be
    missing some convoluted wording, somewhere.

    • you can grow a crop for yourself. but you won’t be able to trade it in any meaningful way, bar selling it at your gate. what if nobody goes past your gate? what if you can’t grow all the crops you need, and you can’t get them from the supermarket? what if nobody has any money because the financial system has collapsed, which it’s geometrically certain to do (pyramid scheme). what if you couldn’t buy decent non-GMO seeds to grow your food, because the bill controlled the sale of seeds (as it does – but they’ve “promised” to change that) and heritage seed companies were bought up or not given permission to sell?

      that last one is the KICKER. no good seeds, no good food. devilishly simple. but kate wilkinson is running on that point after sue kedgely called her on it. (admittedly after the greens voted for the bill, not reading between the lines obviously).

      view the bill and especially sections 8-10, the meanings at http://www.legislation.govt.nz/bill/government/2010/0160/latest/DLM2995811.html?search=ts_bill_food+bill_resel&p=1

      they are not english meanings, they are legalese. therein lies the danger. this bill makes everyone growing food to share a business, and businesses need authorisation under this bill, and that authorisation is outlined in the schedules which unlike the bill can be amended at any time by the governor general. hence the right to grow food and share it is transformed into a privilege that can be revoked at any time by the G-G.

      So, on to solutions – Orders from the Rangatira to the G-G to force the govt to revoke this legislation, as afforded by their rights as set out in He Whakaputanga 1835 and Te Tiriti.

      There’s no point in crying about this frankly when the solutions are at hand. Approach your marae and ask for the names of the blood descendants of the rangatira that signed te tiriti / he whakaputanga, then go up to them and ask them to order the G-G to regulate the trading activities of the crown to the tune of “don’t tell us how, where and what to eat, and note that this order applies to the whole region to which we hold mana whenua as per our ancestors.”

      KIA ORA.

      • “what if you couldn’t buy decent non-GMO seeds”

        There ARE NO “decent GMO foods”! They are ALL toxic. That seems to be the point of Monsanto’s putsch to control the world food supply: sterilization, increased deaths.


  8. Do you have a source Govt Document for the food bill with a link?
    Please send to my Facebook.com/allanjfoto or cre8@orcon.net.nz

  9. Makere permalink

    I didnt think i would see this here in beloved Aotearoa. But we are heading down the same path as what is happening in the States with SWAT teams going onto organic farms armed to the teeth and destroying food because the people are growing their own food and doing the natural thing of selling it at the gate and or supplying friends and family with food.
    My God what is this world coming too. Well I think Mother Earth may want to do something about this. Watch this space!!!

    • Hi Makere. It’s happening worldwide. The thing that is different about Aotearoa is the protections afforded by He Whakaputanga and Te Tiriti. They are a taonga given to us by tohunga rangatira who understood commerce and could intuit the future. They are the solution for this country, and then this country can in turn be a solution for the Commonwealth.

      The pattern of change flows from the city of London to the other side of the world, to Aotearoa, where it meets the protections put in place 176 years ago, and becomes transmuted. And the transmuted change flows back around the world. There is a beauty in that – and it can be made to happen. The potential was given to us.

      As for Mother Earth doing something about this? Yes, well they had a bit of an earthquake in Washington yesterday, where the imposter US front company for our country is registered: http://www.secinfo.com/$/SEC/Registrant.asp?CIK=216105

  10. Heather D Waugh permalink

    Where are our basic rights. You are compelling people to buy their fruit and veges from a retail outlet eg supermarkets etc. Where is our freedom of choice. Retirees will not be able to sell a few veges to supplement their pension. For the small cottage industries who only sell the surplus from there own home gardens this is criminal. I never realised New Zealand was becoming a dictatorship where the Government must regulate every little thing to do with our lives.

    • “Where are our basic rights.” The Crown has assumed that we’ve revoked them because we’ve consented to being represented in Parliament (either by voting or silence). We need to Claim them back, individually and collectively. All that legislation like this is doing is waking people up to the fact that their rights have taken a stroll, but they can easily whistle and call them back, if they want to.

      We are being encouraged by this kind of legislation to relocate our rights and assert them. Now most people won’t. They’ll be too busy watching the rugby world cup or cruising facebook. Perhaps you’ll be different, Heather. Anyway, google “Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right” and you’ll be well on the way to relocating your rights for yourself. And read the translations of He Whakaputanga and the indigenous text of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and you’ll see how there are protections in place for us all. They just need to be activated region by region.

      Note also that some one-man, small-scale food growing and selling may be permitted under the bill, albeit with compromised seed stock. But this will NOT be sufficient for people to feed themselves in the event of the imminent total collapse of the pyramid-scheme fractional reserve banking system.

      So let’s focus on the solutions… otherwise paralysis will be the flavour of our last supper (or something ;-)

      KIA ORA.

      • Parliamentarians should be represntatives of the people who vote for them in the understanding that they will in fact be represented in the house of parliament. We need some serious reform.

  11. e mara mā, tirohia tēnei kaupapa whakaparahako, tāmi nei itō tātou tino rangataira, mana whenua mana kai! e takahia a Haumie, a Rongo ki raro i ngā ture pokotiwha nā te Kāwanatanga

  12. Jean-Luc Picard permalink

    Dear nzfoodsecurity,

    I had left a comment earlier on (see above from Jean Luc Picard). It would be really helpful if you could answer my questions, because I would really like to weigh up whether to do this.

    Thank you

    • Hi JLP, sorry for the delay. It was a long response that I started a few days ago, but I’ve been busy. It’s now there. Kia ora.

  13. Simple Simon permalink

    Well, we’ll await the to and fro initiated by Sue Kedgely.
    That any government arrogates powers and says they
    aren’t really needed, is a strident warning. Why leg-
    islate that way if they’re not needed?

    • Well, they’re not needed yet, because at least in NZ there is not massive civil unrest yet due to the financial collapse squeezing people every which way. But food is, and always has been, a weapon that can be used by adversaries. The financial collapse is no mistake – I myself knew it would happen, and how and why, four years ago. The system’s architects certainly – and John Key, probably – know exactly how the pyramid-scheme domino-plan rolls out. It rolls out to their benefit, of course! With securities for loans (land, water, mineral rights) being passed up to those who set up the whole thing in the first place. If I’d had the idea myself first, and the means, i’d probably have done the same!! Well, maybe. Whatever, the fact is that intentionally or not, it is WAKING PEOPLE UP to what their rights are before they are seemingly taken away from under their noses. KIA ORA :-) And thank you for posting!

  14. Thank you all for posting :-)

  15. Green MP Sue Kedgley has bagged NZers for not making submissions to the select committee for the Food Bill, which nobody knew about, but which her party nonetheless voted for. See http://nzfoodsecurity.org/updates/ for the full story and link.

  16. Jean-Luc Picard permalink

    Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into writing this reply. It is very appreciated. I will have to study this for a while, in particular because I have no idea what all the Maori terms mean, neither have I got very much knowledge of the laws of NZ. I have only been here since 2 years, but wish to make this my permanent home asap.

    If you don’t mind, I would like to get back to you after having studied your reply more in-depth?

    I am fascinated by what you are describing because you are implying that fundamental and universal truths of life and the origin and quality of our beingness can be upheld in court and beyond the law. I never thought that lawmakers and governments would ever listen, let alone bow to such beliefs and claims of spiritual sovereignty.

    Again thank you very much

  17. Kate Stockford permalink

    Buy your seeds now, start growing them, start seed collecting, and trade your veges with people. Koanga Gardens, organic grown fruit and veges, a wonderful resource for us all.
    Aside from that, we seem to be so apathetic, those brave enough to start something never have enough people supporting them because they’re all sitting at home with their heads in the sand or saying, “well…I can’t make a difference.” We must have a united front where many of us are saying the same thing all at the some time. One voice made by many.

  18. I got half-way through this page the other day ‘and it’s enough for me’ will research more later (as I’m studying horticulture). Highly astonishing and exciting stuff. So if there are vegetables in my garden it will be akin to the situation of someone having San Pedro cacti all along their drive-ways. Well Judge.. I’m only growing what I do so that it’s fit for the birds and the bees~

    • Hi Ray. Any concerted growing or distribution of food will be severely restricted under the bill. If you use a wwoofer or there are a couple or more of you working land, that food cannot be traded or even given away (which falls under the definition of sale).

      Read the bill and learn to read between the lines. What’s in there is dangerous, and all because of this key fact: the bill takes away the right to grow food and share it freely, and turns it into a privilege that can be denied or revoked (and is subject to all kinds of restrictions backed up by serious force). What is lost in the mix are “rights” and “freedom” (though the illusion of them is retained). And what is gained is future market share for agribusiness in a world of rocketing food prices due to the collapse of the fractional reserve banking system and the major oil-fields being sat on by men with guns who have cut production.

      Big agribusiness and supermarkets would simply not be able to compete with home/cooperative-grown food on an economic and nutritional level. So they’re making it illegal or very difficult, and benefiting sales of irradiated, low-nutrient, life-force devoid rubbish.

      However don’t take my word for it. Do your research, tell your friends what you find and use all electronic media at your disposal to disseminate the knowledge, and the implications, and most of all the solutions. KIA ORA.

  19. George permalink

    “they had come to a time when no one dared speak his mind, when fierce, growling dogs roamed everywhere, and when you had to watch your comrades torn to pieces after confessing to shocking crimes.” Animal Farm, Chapter 7

    I fear that this is coming true!

    • Not coming true in my back yard George ;-)

      • Randje permalink

        It is good to SOUND the Clarion Call; but there is nothing to fear. Not even fear itself!

        I tell you that non violent non-cooperation will carry the day, as it has been doing all my life, and considerably before.

        Proceed doing what you have always done, good people. This outrage will not stand or prevail. No system can enforce anti-life measures upon throngs and multitudes of people, and the perpetrators well know it. It is a desperation endeavor, born of a plot with never a chance of succeeding. To wit,


        Human consciousness is mightier than legislation, and the will of the people–particularly as it echoes and reflects Universal Law–(Do No Harm) will always trump the nefarious do-badders and their insidious schemes. Have faith. State your case, make your point and follow your own guidance. WE ARE THE POWERS THAT BE.

  20. Solomon Wise permalink

    This is another of a series of sleeper laws not designed for anything to do with their stated cause.
    They always come from the UN as this one does and they always are pushed through incognito if possible…and they are always against the democratic majority.
    Is it about big corporations making money…not really though their will to do so will be used to underpin it politically.
    It is about the UN Polit Beareau forming into a world government and having the power to stop people bypassing its influence by independence from its systems.
    First of all via the monetary system.
    Probably after a perfect finiancial storm a unified world currency that will make sense will be introduced. Money is only as credible as those that use it and in it a government can rule.
    If people can grow and share food aside from money the moeny system will be avoidable.

    • Yep, sleeper laws from the UN via “her majesty the queen in right of new zealand”, a US registered corporation masquerading as the Queen / the Crown. Trading mining and water rights, DoC land rights, birth certificates against future economic output etc etc on the NYSE… and with our UN representative as its company secretary. Just check out the American flag on its company filings page: http://www.secinfo.com/$/SEC/Registrant.asp?CIK=216105 . THIS is the entity John Key is bankrupting. And the con is that we all think it’s THE COUNTRY. It’s not. It’s a corporate imposter set up by international banksters, which has no lawful claim to the land or its people – especially given te tiriti and he whakaputanga and tino rangatiratanga. It’s operating in FRAUD… or at least a healthy level of misselling. Someone should tell the SEC auditors! Damn, they’re banksters too ;-) Caveat emptor, anyway!

  21. Ross Dutton permalink

    The site about the customary law is down.
    That page advises to use this defence, and read this: http://www.claimofright.org/CoR/News/Entries/2010/7/22_A_Claim_of_Right_from_John-Henry__Doe.html

    Anyone using the “claim of right” should not be claiming any benefits, not have any hire purchases or loans, heck, they should not own a car (as this requires a contractual signature as part of your drivers licence to abide by the road laws). You should not have an IRD number. You should not really own a house as this requires you to abide by other laws.

    You basically have to hole yourself up away from society to be a true freeman. When the idea of the free man came about, society was much simpler, less technology, less places to have your name put down.

    This goes in detail about “Acceptance of value”. Which I have never seen work, I’ve seen it tried many a time when I worked at the Ministry Of Justice, but it never once worked. People will just cut off your utilities (which really you agreed to pay for- a bank note is essentially a bond, and then seize your stuff via a collections agency if you do not pay.
    Sorry, rambling. I just dont understand how people can think that this works. If you try to order a coffee from a cafe, and try to use the whole acceptance of value thing, you will get no coffee. You have to be entirely self sustaining in every single way, or get stuff for free (like donated pots and pans, otherwise its an exchange of money, which you dont beleive in in the first place, so would be hypocritical to use.)

    • Hi Ross, and thank you for commenting. It’s very interesting to have someone with your experience here. Do you mind me asking what kind of position you held at the Ministry of Justice?

      Regarding your comments on Claims of Right and Freeman stuff, is this a Crown legal view? And in return for the disadvantages you list, what are the Crown-recognised advantages – does the claimant rise above legislation as set out in a typical Freeman Claim of Right?

      Also, what exactly was being accepted for value in the cases you saw? Orders to pay given by the Ministry, or orders / bills from third parties (police, utilities companies etc)? Were Notaries Public involved?

      I’ve myself witnessed free passage being granted by police to drivers of unregistered vehicles presenting a Claim of Right to be able to operate under Tino Rangatiratanga. The drivers held bank accounts etc through their persons, for whom as “living principals” they claimed authorised representative status but disclaimed legal joinder between the two. I’ve also myself witnessed Councils back down to orders to cease and desist in pursuing parking fines under Tino Rangatiratanga, after these fines were accepted and returned for value.

      Perhaps what made the difference in both these cases was that there was a claim made under the sovereignty of the Crown’s treaty partners (as this site advises doing in dealing with the Food Bill).

      Regarding regular Freeman Acceptance for Value, I imagine these matters are dealt with at what one might term meta-levels in the justice system. I’m pretty sure that if one deals directly with judges, using a Notary and keeping things in the judge’s chambers, after settling a matter with an enforcement agency or other claimant by using their acquiescence to an A4V backed up by Affidavit… then judges will not deny remedy. If honourable. I’ve not experienced this myself, but I see how it should work in terms of Right (and wrong). And there are many reports of it working.

      With respect I also don’t think such matters would even come to the attention of Deputy Registrars etc, who seem to operate on a need-to-know basis and in many cases are just working by rote and are ignorant of the distinction between legal entity “persons” and men and women.

      So to summarise I know of A4V working well in NZ and never going to court / chambers when backed by tino rangatirantanga. And of it working rippingly well in Australia on a Freeman basis, where judges give maximum respect to people who have learned that all money is created off of signatures (via the personal debt agreements that back fractional reserve banknote issues) and have turned this situation around via a Claim of Right to discharge debts with their signatures. (In fact, they have acquired a lot of belongings by running up bank debt and discharging it… though that does seem rather immoral ;-) .

      I’ve heard this latter deal (ie not claiming pure Freeman status as per Magna Carta) does not work too well in NZ, not having a Tino Rangatiratanga claim to back it up.

      Would be interested to hear what you make of the above, Ross. Also one last thing – about the coffee :-) – sure, you can’t go ripping off nice baristas who will be upset. It’s a breach of contract. They don’t know what money is. But with banksters, who do? And police, who are issuing fines to create bonds that govt can then get reserve bank issues from to prop up a monetary system which is no longer backed by gold but people’s debt-bonded labour… THAT’S a different story. Beating banksters at their own game is not only possible – honourable judge permitting – it’s important.

      Otherwise we just get scammed in the fractional-reserve pyramid scheme. It’s important for our self-respect – and indeed so the debt is not just passed on to another, who might not know what we do, in the credit-debt money-go-round.

      Thank you again for posting.

      KIA ORA.

  22. Ross Dutton permalink

    Consent in legal terms such as the law is different to how you think it works.

    An MP works for the people, the people help an MP decide (generally) what to vote on. When its voted by a majority, it becomes law, and is consenting in that way (by it not being thrown out or majorly opposed by MP’s and their consituents). Its not like consenting to a search of your property.

    Also have you seen this?

    You missed your time to oppose it as it is already passed the submissions stage too…

    • Ross, I’m sure that this is the presumed / assumed position re parliamentary consent in legal terms. Kind of like herding cattle into a pen and feeding them what they seem on consensus to enjoy eating. But what if a few of them have decided they don’t want to eat what they’re being fed… like those mad cows that were fed cows in England? What if a few of them were like, “nah, this is nuts, we’re outta here!!” What would it do for the karma of the farmer to just herd ‘em back in and make them eat cow?

      I think this is the reason that folks don’t get told “no, you can’t do it” when they make a notarised Claim of Right and serve it on affected parties like the MoJ, Police etc. They get met with silence, and can then use that silence – acquiescence – to get permanent estoppel from charges being brought by those served parties. And why honourable judges should assist those who’ve made such an undisputed claim, yet are still being hammered by the agencies they served it on. The judge should throw the agencies’ own claims out as void by default.

      That’s what I’d expect from a judge in such a situation – not least because I’d expect him to understand the karma of denying rightful remedy and what that would do to HIM.

      Still, I’ve heard NZ’s courts are operating on basically a martial law footing, so maybe anything goes. It’s just as well therefore that we can transcend it by using tino rangatiratanga and te tiriti. But there it is again – remedy. It’s like we’re being guided towards finding out our own truth, both as individuals and a people. Maybe I’m just being overly optimistic. But anyway… Thanks, judges!! (And tena koe, te ariki rangatira ;-)

      PS Submissions = sub-mitting from the latin sub+mittere “to send under”. I don’t think it’s advisable to lay begging requests at the feet of people (MPs) who don’t know what legislation they are passing and in any case have sworn an Oath to serve the Queen after hooking up a job by conning voters into thinking they were serving THEIR interests. I just wouldn’t “sub-mit” myself to those people, in that office. I’d rather transcend legislation they make. And if I’ve not consented to being representated, I have not conceded any of my rights as a moral person… sorry, I mean man. I guess that just comes from knowing who I am. (Which is not a mad cow that eats other cows.) KIA ORA.

  23. Johnkee permalink

    Everyone who is concerned by this – and that should be everyone – should take some time to look at the policies of OURNZ – http://ournz.org.nz – and consider carefully who to vote for in the election. Vote for Labour or Greens or whoever just means more of the same, but a vote for OURNZ can change the whole system

    • Isn’t this trying to solve a problem below the level at which it was created? Not to mention – sorry – a bit hopeful?

      Perhaps the best way to get those MPs’ attention is to say they cannot represent us anymore… that we’ve had enough and can see that nothing is going to change?

    • “A vote for OURNZ can change the whole system”. I think that is what many politicians feel – about a vote for themselves. Then they get to Parliament and are told they can only come in if they swear an Oath to serve the Queen (not the people who voted for them). Once they swear that Oath, they are bound in many unseen ways that will stop them from being able to honour their original intention.

      Parliament is a dead end. It can never fix problems that were created above its level. And parliament is a few levels below the origin of this problem – the World Trade Organisation. It’s under the Crown and that – which isn’t really the Queen but rather this, http://www.secinfo.com/$/SEC/Registrant.asp?CIK=216105 – is under the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which is under the US Govt, which is under the UN, which is probably under the World Trade Organisation (the Codex Alimentarius pusher) and also ultimately under the Queen through her bankers.

      In NZ, though, the Queen operates under the Rangatira, from which she derived her authority to govern (only) through Te Tiriti. Full Authority was held, and still is held, by the rangatira.

      Most interestingly of all perhaps, under the contract He Whakaputanga 1835, the Queen is contractually obliged to protect, by force if necessary, this country from all attempts upon its independence. Knowingly bankrupting the country to foreign financiers is making an attempt upon its independence. There’s no question of this. Which is relevant because the Food Bill in its most lethal guise will only be enforced by the corporate receivers of the HMTQIRONZ entity when its creditors, the pyramid scheme conspiracists, call time on the unpayable debt. Sometime between the end of October and the end of next year, probably.

      So everyone knows, the debt is unpayable because of the differential on interest charged on global debt vs that paid on global credit – there is never enough money to go round and pay all debts, and countries fall one by one not to each other but to the supra-national moneylenders (ie the IMF, World Bank, private international banks owned by the Queen et al). For this reason, the Torah, the Bible and the Koran all outlaw the lending of money at interest. It’s a trap.

      The Queen does not even need to be addressed herself on this issue of attempts upon the country’s independence. Her representative in this country is the Governor-General, who is Maori and former Chief of the Defence Force. As such, you can bet that he will ‘get it’. So Hapu can simply issue him Orders for their districts, and he is bound by law and his Oath to honour them. By contrast, MPs cannot serve their voters and serve the Crown, and even if they could they would have to go up the food chain from Crown to US SEC, to US govt, to UN, and to the Queen. And when they got there, she should really refer them to the rangatira for their direction. Which would be difficult, especially if they are not yet standing.

      I’m not sure a new MP from Our NZ could achieve this. It’s a long route, and there is little time. But by all means try, and publicise the problem. The more publicity this gets, the more likely it is that rangatira will stand, go straight to the top via the Governor-General, and action their solution… so we don’t all go hungry…

  24. Has anyone started a petition anywhere that we can sign to protest this?
    I have posted the link on my Fb page to bring it to more people’s awareness.

      • Hi Danielle, well done for drawing attention to something that draws attention to the problem. However, it does nothing to solve the problem. (See below and around this site for the solution). The reasons are as follows:

        Kate Wilkinson, who the petition / begging letter is going to, does not work for the interests of the people of New Zealand. She and all other MPs work, knowingly or not (and she knows) for Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand, a US-registered corporation masquerading as the Queen / Crown that is NOT this country. Note the American flag on its corporate filings at: http://www.secinfo.com/$/SEC/Registrant.asp?CIK=216105

        HMTQIRONZ will also soon be bankrupt, because John Key and Kate Wilkinson really work for that Corporation’s creditors (he’s a banker, remember) and those creditors want to asset-strip the land and its people. They are on a tight timeline, needing to do this before everyone realises that the money that was borrowed was in fact pyramid-scheme monopoly money. And before everyone realises this corporation exists and has been borrowing against their future economic output, their mineral rights, their water rights, now their food growing rights WHEN IT HAD NO LAWFUL CLAIM TO SUCH RIGHTS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

        Yes the trick is to wake up to the con before HMTQIRONZ is bankrupt and the people of this country roll over, thinking the debt applied to them… and go yeah sure, take all the mining rights, water rights, food production rights… hell take away my right to own property and educate my children and… well… LIVE.

        So what is the solution? In your area, find the hapu with mana whenua. Find the kaumatua /kuia who is the descendant by right of the chief who signed the tiriti o waitangi for your area. Get him to Order the Governor-General to order the government to exempt his rohe from all provisions of the bill. Simple.

        Too simple unfortunately for the brainwashed masses, who get all uppity when someone shakes up their beliefs (aka the programming of their ego-platform). Beliefs like, “Parliament is democratic and represents my interests”. NO IT DOESN’T. And I don’t care how uppity the egos get in response to that. Hopefully none of them will read this – this site is intended for those with awareness of the problems who wish to pursue solutions.

        Re the Food Bill, the starting point is your local marae (not Kate Wilkinson).

        Take koha and a respectful request :-)

  25. Katie-Marie permalink

    No Harm Can Ever Come From Putting Life Into The Ground…..And Sharing That Life…..To Live

  26. Ruthless permalink

    If you dont beleive this could happen here, check out the indian farmers who were given loans to buy GE seed, when their crops failed, they owed thousands to the lenders ( multi nationals based in the US) and had no way to repay it and lost their land. Many took their own lives by drinking the pesticides they were sent to use on their crops.

  27. Jean-Luc Picard permalink

    I have contacted a lawyer to verify some of the key issues and after that I wouldn’t mind getting some good awareness out there, to start with at least in the organic growing, wholesale and retail sector.

  28. Nomis permalink

    You really think a court would interpret s 265 as allowing food safety officers to be armed? I would think courts would be reluctant to interpret “equipment” as including firearms, it doesn’t really sit right with (2)(a) “free from contamination” – it really seems like this is more likely to be interpreted as covering equipment such as temperature probes etc….. Call me naive but I really don’t think this bill is going to be used to arm food safety officers….

    • Thanks for your post, Nomis. Police are allowed to be armed already in certain circumstances, and they are default food safety officers under the bill.

      This bill will allow police to claim they had due cause in taking guns into food and seed raids – because 1./ the bill green-lights them in Section 265, letting them take whatever equipment they feel necessary (and are allowed to use) and 2./ because people will be So Pissed Off about it that someone, somewhere, will produce a gun and the phrase “No, you don’t.” Also 3./ because they can do so with complete immunity from criminal and civil prosecution under the bill.

      In short, if police feel they are going to be up against people with guns, they will take guns. Especially if they have immunity.

      So, would people use guns to defend their seed supply? Those who know how important it is, and who believe in protecting it in such a way, would. Unequivocally…

      For a flavour on this, there is a thread on the NZ National Shooters Association site in relation to the Food Bill called “Damn your guns, now they want your seeds!” After some detailed info-sharing and outrage, the thread breaks off with the comment, “Is there any section specificaly dealing with ‘lead sandwiches’ ??? ” Enough said. And please note, this is a site in NZ. Not Michigan. For the thread, which makes clear that they have a good understanding of the threat the Food Bill poses to us all, see http://nsanz.org.nz/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1314909431/3.

      To conclude, arming non-police officers is highly unlikely. But sending armed police to assist government / private industry food safety officers? This could become routine – you’re gonna piss these gardeners / seed savers off A LOT. They will want to defend their food supply. Some might even go out and buy weapons to do so. This is certainly happening in the States.

      Anyway, a Food Safety Officer’s job, paradoxically, will be a very dangerous one…

  29. To NZ food security contorl freaks permalink

    Hello, I’m Matthew, who loves liberty and freedom, also I love gardening and it’s my life also my career. If this Bill passed, my right to have a garden to grow my own food or give it away is taken. It has happen in the USA in California when the police raid a organic food store. And this will happen in NZ when this Bill has passed, not only that it will bring negative effect to New Zealand’s society, the economy, the nation, also crime will increase in this nation, and will chase capital (nation’s wealth) away. Also unempolyment will increase so as poverty.
    This is TREASON because you’re attempting to overthrow people’s rights and their sovereignly. And it’s a crime against humanity, a crime against New Zealand. This Food Bill will not work! It only going to make thing worse!
    There one quote I have read “those who give up thier essential liberty for safety, deserve neither liberty nor safely!” See! if we give up our gardening right’s just for food security and we’re not guarantee by it.

    This food Bill will not work!
    I will only bring failure to the nation!
    I will not give up my growing rights!
    The answer to 1984 is 1776!

  30. Steffan Browning permalink

    There has ben a lot of communication although some parts of the solution have come from the Minister. Sue Kedgley has commented on Frogblog as in this link. It includes a link to Kate Wilkinson’s letter acknowledging to Sue her part in raising the issue and how the government intends correcting the main anomalies. http://blog.greens.org.nz/2011/08/05/and-end-to-seed-exchanges/

    • Hi Steffan. The main anomaly is this: the basic right to grow and distribute food in any meaningful way is being changed into a privilege that will be subject to Codex Alimentarius regulations and can be revoked if that compliance is not met.

      There is the illusion in the bill that people will still be able to home garden and share food. They will. But not to any extent whereby those who are not full-time gardeners are getting any real nutritional benefits from homegrown or organic food.

      Basically, organic food is going to become a lot more expensive and much less available under this bill. It’s about market share for the proponents of Codex, and boosting it. And as you may know, Codex regulations are pretty shocking and require food to be basically nutritionally and life-force devoid. Some people even think it will cause preventable disease and malnutrition on a massive global scale.

      Don’t be fooled into thinking Parliament has the solution, Steffan. You are chasing a parliamentary seat and salary, are we correct? So you have an investment in believing the myth that change can come out of parliament. Perhaps you’re even a part of the stage show already (saw your double pentagram with your name at centre, ROFL ;-) . Whatever, parliament is several levels below that at which this problem of the Food Bill was created – it being a product of Codex Alimentarius compliance for all WTO countries.

      Finally, as we’ve said elsewhere, good on Sue Kedgley for squeezing out of Kate Wilkinson the fact she doesn’t know how her bill works. But Kedgley sat on the Select Committee for it, so she’s in the same boat. Then she has the cheek to passes the buck on to the non-eternally-vigilant NZ people for not picking up the problems with the bill, when they didn’t know about it and she did and was actively reviewing it. Hypocrisy!!

      We only include the last two paragraphs to show people that they’re dealing with stage-show clowns. Overrule them and their silly legislation. It’s the people of this land’s prerogative to do so.

  31. Campbell Dyer permalink

    Hey I can’t believe that this has got so far without public being aware I want to do what ever i can to get the word out what would be good is some compact info that i can print and hand round with email links is someone doing this if so can you send me a link .I live in the Bay of Islands and very few people I have talked to are aware that this is happening thanks Cam

    • Hi Cam, emailing you now. For anyone else, you are welcome to cut and paste the Q & A info at the top of the homepage into any flyering materials. Please be sure to include a link to our website, http://www.nzfoodsecurity.org . Thanks, and go hard, info guerillas :-)

  32. Duncan permalink

    [from nzfoodsecurity - KIA ORA Duncan. we are adding comments throughout]

    I am in two minds about this, perhaps someone can clarify things for me. I realise that John Key is a banker and that the goals of him and his government are inextricable from those of big business and big finance. It also would not surprise me to see evidence that this bill strongly favours large multinational corporations at the expense of small businesses and cummunities. I have not seen any evidence of this here however. [we intend to address the semi-converted, not the sheep. glad to hear you're in this category, man. the only ways this bill overtly supports big business is by taking a human right to grow food in a concerted fashion within local communities, and turning it into a privilege that is subject to international regulations and summary forfeiture. those regulations are going to be CODEX ALIMENTARIUS regulations. know this because we've been watching codex for years, and have read the bill with an eye to it. non-compliance with Codex regulations will means the termination of the business's food growing registration, after which their operations are illegal. we suggest you research Codex. only businesses with lots of capital will be able to implement Codex, which is expensive to implement, and which means nutritionless food for us all - especially if we can't get hold of decent locally grown organics because those operations have been shut down.]

    There are likely other like me out there that would happily sign a petition against such a bill but are hesitant to simply do it on the say-so of an internet website without any real verification. [we are not advising that people petition, quite the opposite, and if you'd read the site as you say you'd see that. petitions and submissions don't mean a thing. they make noise. but they do not protect your rights. when you vote or don't revoke your consent to representation in parliament (see Claim of Right info on homepage at http://www.nzfoodsecurity.org) you give your rights over to parliament. and I'm sure it's mighty clear to many people who visit this site that parliament does NOT stand for the rights of the people or the country. you only have to read the parliamentary oath to see this. I suggest you do this also. as for verification, this site stands for truth. there is no need for "verification" - like putting names to things - when truth can be felt. again, this site addresses those who can feel truth and who can sniff out falsity in a second. it's not intended to convert the masses, who are not supposed to get it, rather those who will lead - and to provide them with a framework to do so. this is why it operates under the flag of the tupuna of this nation, who asserted in their contract with the crown that they would not give up sovereignty. the sovereignty is unextinguished, and now can be used by those aforementioned leaders, operating as hapu - see http://sites.google.com/site/nzcustomarylaw/ for how to do this. we're not wrong about this either.]

    The claims on this website almost completely fail to provide links to the relevant sections of the bill, [sections 8-10 pretty much say it all, when you know what to look for - CODEX - and they are on the homepage at http://www.nzfoodsecurity.org

    and worse than that there are parts which appear to me at first glance to be purely misinformation. The reference to guns and swat teams is blatant fearmongering, the bill says " any equipment the officer has taken into the place if the officer reasonably believes that its use is necessary", given gun control laws in New Zealand (especially compared to california) I think it is a stretch to assume armed raids. [a stretch? perhaps not when NZ is bankrupt and john key's NWO receiver mates have been sent in on behalf of his creditors mates. like, do you think our national debt is repayable? how about greece's? italy? the US? as for necessary force, i can see starving malnutritioned people trying to feed their families taking up whatever arms necessary to protect their food supply. can't you? because that is where we are heading under this bill and under the global financial system - the fractional reserve banking pyramid scheme.]

    This section does not override existing laws so the enforcement officer would have to have a firearms carry permit, and also be able to show in court a reason to believe that its use is necessary. As far as I know restaurant inspectors are not allowed to carry guns, and tough the police and swat are allowed, if they are called in there is probably to be something other than food going on. There is also no background given for the video, and it clearly shows normal policemen, and not swat units raiding the business. I would like to know the circumstances and any resulting legal action from that case before I quake in terror of men with guns. [police are default food safety officers under the bill, with multiple mentions of 'constables'. police are already allowed to carry guns where they feel it is necessary, like when confronted by disgruntled peasants who may have a shotgun somewhere, especially if they're trying to protect what's lawfully theirs. we've seen it - NZ police with M16s bro, looking for marijuana!! background for the video - it's the us senate bill 510, now passed. see http://www.naturalnews.com/030587_Senate_Bill_510_Food_Safety.html . the US version of the Food Bill. Codex in sheep's clothing. this is the legislation used to carry out the raid caught on video. for more just click some links http://www.google.co.nz/search?q=us+senate+bill+510&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a . what is being said there is exactly what is being said here, which is no coincidence given the provenance of the food bill - a global 'initiative' called CODEX. for the us case, the proprietor for the business is being tried under a new 'environmental' prosecutor, not the state one. welcome, food police. do your own research.]

    Secondly the seeds issue. Section 8 does not contain the word seeds. It contains the word plants, I would like to know whether the authors of this site consider plants to include seeds, and what the definifiniton of plants here actually means, what other parts of the bill mention seeds if any. [the bill covers 'anything that can be eaten'. we have said that there needs to be a specific exclusion in section 8 for seeds for growing as there is already for tobacco, cosmetics. also NB that most carbohydrate staples - rice, maize, potato, wheat etc etc are all food and also seeds. anything that can be eaten is controlled. food safety minister kate wilkinson has already admitted the bill covers seeds, and has said she will amend it to make sure it doesn't. see http://blog.greens.org.nz/2011/08/05/and-end-to-seed-exchanges/ , and link to wilkinson's AMAZING confession of ignorance as to the implications of her own bill. now we can't get your mind to go through the hoops necessary to see just how broad this bill is. you will have to study it for yourself, if you are still in any doubt. start with sections 8-10. that is where the right to grow is turned into a privilege that will be subject to (codex) regulation. then check out codex - see We Become Silent at http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=451097355502728465 and http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5266884912495233634.) ]

    I am not saying the bill is good, I am saying I am underinformed. [that's changing.]

    I want more information before I am willing to sign anything. [if you're referring to petitions, submissions etc, wake up. you already signed over your rights in a hundred ways. we're trying to help you get them back...]

    To recap I would like:

    - the section numbers which I can read in the bill that specifically favour big business [sections 8-10] and how sections 94 and 94a are insufficitent to protect communities. (I think I can already see how the bill will hurt community food markets so don’t worry about that part)
    [94 and 94a are subject to select committee recommendations that are not yet in the bill. they may be rejected. however, under the recommendations, section 94 allows trading of food for charitable purposes in a non-commercial manner, and where the trading of the food is ancillary to the main purpose of the charity. like sausage sizzles at a rugby club. so i think soup kitchens, food clubs etc are out because the trading of the food would be the primary charitable purpose. you could set up a charitable club for some blind like seed-sharing, if that is allowed, but you could be seen as loopholing and raided anyway. but probably charitable purposes are a dead end. frankly, people these days are not that charitable. they're been programmed to look out for themselves - for personal development. and this is covered in 94a. under 94a people cannot trade food more than 20 times a year. trading food 20 times a year as a median for traders in a community is not frequent enough for people to get fresh food from that trade. it is thus not sustainable for the traders to remain doing it. which means people must turn to codex food = big business food. yes, this bill needs more than a head for words - and a good one - it needs a head for how seed lines grow and contract, how businesses reach or lose critical mass. have you heard of the tipping point? how about the collapsing point?!! the writers of this bill have, and they are using it against you. to collapse the organic movement in your neighbourhood.]

    -The background and legal details of the california raid video, and how this bill will make similar scenes happen in NZ [covered above]
    -An explanation of the bill’s treatment of seeds with reference to specific sections of the bill and/or other legislative or official definitions. [see the horse's mouth - food safety minister, covered above]

    I am probably not the only one wondering about these things. [hopefully you, and they, can gain something from our response. KIA ORA]

  33. Yasmin permalink

    Thank you for the information. I have been looking for this. will pass it on to as many people as possible and do whatever I can now.
    May the force be with us!

    PS: could you create a facebook link for this, so I can spread the information that way too. Thanks!
    Cheers, Yasmin

    • Kia ora Yasmin. The force is strong with you, yes ;-) So we created a Facebook link… we’d tried before, but we persevered this time, and there it is, right up top… working well… we think!!
      Could you also test it, and feedback how it goes? Thank you!!
      Just so you know, the spread of this info is going completely nuts, thanks to people like you. Many, many thousands know about it now. No thanks at all to the mainstream media. So please, Share, Share away :-)

      • Yasmin permalink

        Helloooo again, I just tried it and it worked – got it on facebook and will keep re-posting and sending a link to friends via email too.
        THANK YOU! :-)

  34. I am shocked by this bill, I cant believe it is coming to NZ!

    • rita permalink

      That’s my boy, George!! We ALL need to become LAW-TRASHING CITIZENS!! I already am one…. at least when it comes to stupidity like this.

      • Hi Rita – a disclaimer… we don’t recommend breaking the Law, as we’ve posted below… but rather we recommend rising above “legislation”. This means Acts, regulations, etc, which are a set of rules of a society of consenting members raised to the level of Law. We recommend people revoke their consent to be part of the society in question, which has daft rules that don’t serve its members, only the 1%, and is failing anyway. This revocation is done via a Claim of Right.

        Then we recommend becoming part of another society – a hapu, or tribe – which in this country is higher in authority than the Queen, under the constitutional documents of the land. See below :-) Thanks!

      • Rita permalink

        When the LAW IS THIS CORRUPT then it is our DUTY TO BREAK IT! If you sheepishly go along then you are just as guilty. I am NOT sorry if I offended anyone by saying this. The only way we can get out of this mess is Ghandi-style, peaceful non-cooperation.

      • Tena koe Rita. With respect, the issue here is not law, it’s legislation. Nobody should break the law (ie common law, tikanga). Besides, people freak when one talks about “breaking the law”, because their programming kicks in.
        This is about consenting, or not, to the legislative rules of a society. The key here is about waking people up to what they have unwittingly agreed to – a set of “statutes” that have unfortunately become co-opted by globalist corporate interests. The trick is to get people to see that, then stand up for themselves and tell the enforcement “authorities” that they’re revoking their consent for those “authorities” to have authority over them. They then become unauthorised to act. This can all be done so it’s transparent and provable before a judge (in chambers). One literally authors one’s own law – via a claim of right for individuals and the establishment of a hapu authority for groups, and asks for it to be challenged. When it’s not, one is able to show this. The consent has been given by the “authorities” to the new position.
        Judges may try to shut people down for asserting their rights. At this point those asserting them become Witnesses to the behaviours taking place. Courthouses are tapu places. That is why people have to take off their hats in there, anywhere in the building. The court is set up as a facilitator for karma. Judges literally see things this way – the ones that have seen the light and set up / maintained the legal structures such as they are. It’s the only way they can get away with acting under colour of law (pretend stuff).
        But call them on their own actions upon their Oath of Office and their own karma kicks in. Most will be honourable and do the right thing, one hopes (there are no figures, this stuff is dealt with in private chambers). They do the wrong thing and we Witness what transpires and hook them up. But of course we look to the positive, as chances are that’s what will play out. We do so at peace in ourselves, most of all. Then we can be at peace with others. That’s our two cents :-) Kia ora.

  35. NZFoodSecurity – Why not start a petition online so we can all sign it.


    • Hi there. Someone already did that. But if you read around these pages you’ll see why it wasn’t us (though our name got put to it).

      Key reasons are that:- 1) Electronic petitions without signatures are worth nothing. 2) Under NZ admiralty law (legislation and public court processes) your signature is also worth nothing, just a resemblance/signature of a ‘person’. This ‘person’, or persona/mask, is chattel property of a corporation via a birth certificate registration, the corporation in question here being called Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand, which is registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. 3) Because the NZ Parliament is just a shop window for the aforementioned corporation, creating colour of law statutes (acts, pretend things) off the back of public opinion / petitions etc, while the real power is held in trust for globalists by the board of directors of the good ship NZ, AKA the Cabinet.

      It’s worth pointing out that the ‘real power’ held here is directly proportionate to the ignorance of people of the above facts.

      So what we’d rather do is first of all to thank the architects of the system as set up for showing us what it thinks we are, which has helped us realise what we actually are. Then we’d stop watching TV and stand up for ourselves and our families and communities using the means available to us. The most important means being knowledge of being in the right, and in the case of this land, the 1835 Declaration of Independence. Then we’d simply do what we knew was right.

      All that said, if you still want to ‘sign’, it will do no harm. So go for your life, as it were. And tell someone when you get it ;-) http://www.petitiononline.co.nz/petition/oppose-the-new-zealand-government-food-bill-160-2/1301

      • paranoid permalink

        This sound about wright to me NZFS, Its been on the cards for a couple of decades,But im just a NWO nutcase.

      • What, you Order all your food from New World or something? ;-) Love that double all-seeing eye pyramid they got going on…

  36. Rachel Rose permalink

    Who is ‘NZ Food Security’? Does the person posting using this alias have a name? Is this site being managed by a single individual, or an organisation? I like to know where my information is coming from. An anonymous blog is not immediately credible.

    • Who is NZ Food Security? Good question. Well, we are you! We are also the 1.010101% of the 99% that are actually going to do anything.

      If you can figure all that out, you’re on the right track ;-)

  37. Aroha permalink

    Im still gonna garden, grow veges………and whatever else maintain the ways of our tupuna……surely we all cant all be arrested……..hmmmmm lets start gardens and growing veges everywhere – Prisons, schools, community gardens, Marae, health centres, hospitals……..send a strong message that says – EAT ME!

  38. This Food Bill cannot go ahead. If for some insane reason it does, I’m quite happy to go ‘black market’ and grow my own food, and I’m sure there will be thousands of others too :) FTP ;)

  39. Katze permalink

    Damn nations & thunder! Let’s get word out and not allow these buggers to add a horrible American flavour to our beautiful country.Our beautiful rivers have already been messed up. Viva New Zealand and it’s people!

  40. It always good to read the actual bill and any amendments.

    Title: New Zealand Government Food Bill 160-2


    direct link but may not work so go to the homepage and search for bill by name:


  41. If ever there was a time to shoot the bastards…

  42. Ian MacLeod permalink

    I tried posting this on another article here and the site wouldn’t accept it. I’m in America trying to fight this thing, and people won’t believe in it! We also have nothing like your acceptance to be governed short of rebellion here. USE IT! Codex is part of the ‘elite’ Depopulation Agenda, and if you accept Codex and allow your legislators to accept it for you, you are about to be culled!

    When Health Freedom dot org: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=322 an organization run by Dr. Rima Laibow and retired Maj. General Stubblebein first published their information on Codex, people laughed. There is not so much laughter now. The WTO is a private organization, not a governmental one, and the same goes for Codex. Codex was founded by the former CEO of the chemical/pharmaceutical company that supplied all needs of the Nazis, including the Death Camp gas Zyklon B, IG Farben. After his prison term for crimes against humanity he went to an old friend in the WTO with the idea of Codex and using food as a weapon in the old Nazi eugenics program. People think Codex is a consumer protection agency; it is NOT!

    Per Dr. Laibow (she and General Stubblebein attend the Codex meetings, including the one in which Codex decided to use the dosage standards for poisons applied to dosages for nutrients; more in a moment), Codex’s own website can be read to say that once it has control of the food supply of the world, the first of three billion expected deaths as a result of those standards will be from “simple starvation.” The next two will be from many different diseases of malnutrition such as cancer, scurvy, and many, many others.

    The standard for determining safe levels of toxins says that a dose that produces ANY measurable effect on the human body is too high a dose. Applied to food and food supplements, this includes the effect of health. This is how Codex determines the largest allowable dose of nutrients.Of course people just refuse to believe that something like this could be out in the open like that, but is IS. America’s fake food safety law and now New Zealand’s May NOT say these things outright, but it’s already happening in the U.S. anyway – it’s how you interpret different clauses in the bill! Check this out: http://nzfoodsecurity.org/ In another incident, a small family-operated organic farm essentially having a family picnic was forced to destroy all of its food! It’s insane, it’s horrifying, and it’s really happening! People had damned well better wake up and start fighting this! If you think you can’t legally be forced to starve to death, think again!


    • This sort of food policing is the very last thing this country needs. It is all about protecting corporate agribusiness and absolutly notheing to with actual food safety. if anything the reverse.

    • Thank you for this posting which puts the situation in a (soon to be illegal) nutshell. I read a small note in a scientific magazine describing a trial of a modified sugar cane which was pulled immediately when the unfortunate mice involved developed severe allergic reactions. Now we are the mice and the “researchers” must be ecstatic at the global increases of diabetes, lupus, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia,etc etc apparant in world populations

  43. Phyl permalink

    The world is being run by psychopaths. BEWARE THE PSYCHOPATH, MY SON http://www.whale.to/b/callahan1.html . This pretty much explains why we (the human race) are heading towards anarchy. We have to WAKE UP to what these mindless creatures have in-store for us. These CREATURES hold the most powerful positions in GOVT, BANKING, FINANCIAL, MEDICINE, MINERAL, OIL & PETROLEUM, FOOD & HEALTH, MILITARY & WAR etc. all over the world. Their minions are at the beck and call of their MASTERS and will get away with the atrocities they care to place upon the human being just for the fun of it. Pretty soon we will also get this here in NZ:

    Trickle-down tyranny – why ordinary people in positions of local power are adopting tactics of tyrants

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/034221_trickle-down_tyranny_America.html#ixzz1ehFBJX35

  44. NZ ? Then AUSTRALIA I have been watching this explode in the US via NaturalNews.com

  45. rita permalink

    Yeah! Let’s all break the law!! This stupidity has no way of surviving if we all band together!!

    • Hi Rita! Thanks for commenting. We don’t condone breaking “the law”. What we’re recommending is over-riding “legislation”, which means “that which is raised” (from Latin, “lateo”) to the level of law (“legis”) by people’s Consent. The Food Bill is not “Law”, and won’t be even be after it is passed. “Law” is God’s Law, Natural Law and Common Law – and in this country tikanga, traditional practices, and kaitiakitanga, guardianship of all taonga, treasures, including seeds and food. Universal Law.

      No, the Food Bill will be an Act, a “let’s pretend” set of rules for consenting parties. Theatre. But one with high stakes if people go along with it to the extent of “let’s pretend we’re starving”.

      The trick is to wake up and claim what if rightfully yours – the right to a place to live, food to eat, water to drink, freedom, family and happiness. Legislation, the pretend game, has attacked all of these.

      In this country haputanga – the practice of living as a self-regulating tribe, or community – is the highest Law in the land, as it was from this that the settler government was given the authority to govern in The 1835 Declaration of Independence and Te Tiriti. And haputanga is about, as you say, “banding together”.

      Haputanga has never been extinguished as the Highest Law. And now we need it, for our economic, social and even spiritual needs. You just need to find the hapu in your area (which signed te tiriti, or the declaration) and ask, with your friends, to be adopted into it. Then you are part of a constitutional body higher than parliament, higher indeed than the Queen in this country. She is a partner without absolute sovereignty (hapu have that).

      In governmental terms haputanga as law is decentralisation, with the elders of a community having veto power over central government for their area, and being directly answerable to the community by having to live in it. It’s a long way from the MP system which, frankly, is broken. Note the recent 100-year low in voter turnout for the election – folks are over it. KIA ORA :-)

      • Maria permalink

        @ nzfoodsecurity last comment, thank you. I did not know that Haputanga was the highest law in the land. How does one go about getting adopted into the local Hapu?

        I’ve heard about this insanity in America via alternative radio, but never thought it would come here so soon…

  46. Nathan permalink

    Well done. I have been looking into the natural person and artificial person, does that apply to NZers? As all the information I have read is from America. Thanks

  47. Jack Mullen permalink

    KIA ORA New Zealand:

    I have been to the South Island twice and want to own property and eventually spend half a year on your wonderful island. I want to ask the people of NZ to stand up to the satanic Luciferian cult known as the NWO. Food and firearms are vital to citizens ability to fight for liberty. It is no coincidence that the NWO is coming after your foods. Legislating away your ability to store and share seeds is key to this cult’s desire to slow kill the people via their patented Monsanto GMO food stock.

    In the United States, this is already well underway with laws and treaty arrangements removing live food from US tables, while substituting genetically adulterated foods that cause sterility and genetic mutation often within 3 generations. . NZ is a country of incredible beauty and wealth of resources; and you have the ability to live off the grid of the United Nations, NWO ‘cult of death’ food program — do it, take a stand now.

    Stand up to the NWO now, because they are unrelenting in their continuous assault on your life, liberty and property. Study the law, and remember the creed “I do not consent”.

    My thoughts and prayers to you as your face this most evil monster.

    Jack Mullen
    West Virginia, a state and country in the United States of America.

    More info about the NWO cult and food related information can be found at infowars..com

    • Randje permalink

      Good on ya Jack. I moved here from the states 2 years ago. Couldn’t take the “Bush-Whacking.”
      I noticed chemtrails here fairly early on, and figured NZ was on the list, but not a high priority. Things are picking up, schedule-wise, it appears. But systems that fail the people are doomed to fail themselves. It is the ‘last days’ for the Illuminati Cabal, and all we have to do is remember who we are and return to the land. The majority of people–over here and back there–are still tossing and turning in their sleep, but the smell of smoke is getting more and more noticeable, (witness the OWSM) and a mass change in consciousness is afoot. Right on schedule!

  48. ozspeaksup permalink

    you seem to have a form of protection due to maori treaties?
    do not rely on the queen Uk or your Gg to help you.
    in aus people who have petitioned for assistance on land rights water rights etc have been ignored or got the sorry we cant help mails from there.
    the queen sold out to EU rules a while back.
    the ONLY way to remove this series of agenda 21 crud is to get our countries OUT of the Un the WHO etc.
    will that happen?
    I wont hold my breath, neither should you.
    your’e lucky you still have guns. you will need them
    how crazy can they get? you wont believe how bad. heres a classic stupid idea now up for real consideration in UK
    now for a whole pile of info on the food safety laws fiasco in usa,

    • We reckon a shift in consciousness should do it… along with an acknowledgment of the globalist darkness that’s bringing us all to the light, a spot of witnessing and a bit of voodoo. Of course, plus our flag. Which speaks of centring oneself, and realising that our centre is simply a microcosm to the macrocosm… thus connected to all… and with a black backing under our cross that is our understanding, the darkness we have arisen from. Are you with us?

      Yep, we reckon that should do it ;-)

  49. The only real change is to dump the system as it clearly does not work. Examples are of course Europe where they will never pay the debt back and so in the end it will be defaulted on as well as the USA. Depreciation of the Western currencies including ours is rampant and that is why nothing ( almost ) ever goes down in price, however at the same time wages do not keep pace and taxation is increased to continually balance the books- its a downward spiral. This Food bill is one of the way the Governments control and dominate and protect special interests. Each time you vote for National or Labour you are basically voting for the same, if you believe any of the major parties make a positive difference- well it s dream land. Don’t vote it just encourages them

  50. Louise Weller permalink

    Who presented this bill to parliament and what stage is it at?

    • Kate Wilkinson. It’s set to have a second reading soon (of its title, not the whole thing). After its third reading, it’s enacted.

  51. 5th Eye permalink

    do you think it is worth having a lawyer for the people to challenge this?

    • Only if they can work in Common Law and contract law. Magna Carta, Whakaputanga, Tiriti. Under legislation – Admiralty – we’re all at sea under a tyrannical captain with no rights at all.

  52. “Whenever the legislators endeavour to take and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience.”

    - John Locke (1690)

  53. Rob permalink

    (6) Act binds the Crown
    This Act binds the Crown.

    Where does it say it binds anyone except the Crown?

  54. Simon Jacobs permalink

    Could there be a pointy end using this method?
    By removing yourself from these laws, do you also remove yourself from the social security laws and therefore the Govt is not required to pay you anything?

    We need to form a grass roots movement to throw the likes of Monsanto, right out of NZ, for DARING to even try a stunt like this.

    Occupy Wall Street move over, we’re comin’ through. Occupy, seize assets and and throw the ‘bathplugs’ out. Anyone got the time to start this?

  55. Laura Jean permalink

    Thank you NZ Food Security for spelling this out so that even simple people like myself can understand exactly what is going on………… God Bless.

  56. It seems we are slowly heading the way of Soylent Green. The depths of this system are murky and take a lot of study. Most people do not have the time to research everything. They should not have to either and yet we are faced with a giant monolithic power which sows seeds of destruction at every turn. It has used the power of words to enslave us, the power of the pen, the power of currency and if that does not work, the power of the sword. It will use all at it’s disposal and what do we have but truth and natural justice? Is that enough? Well it might be but not always in our time and at our calling. The Universe does have natural justice and this system operates against it. Therefore it sows it’s own destruction in the end. It will fall down and when it does it will be a crunch like no other. We may not stop it ourselves but we do have a duty to stand for what is right no matter what. Oppressors must be opposed because if not then evil reigns. Is this what we would have? As a society we have generally, although sometimes slowly, departed from principled living. This can mean laziness, apathy, dishonesty, dishonour, lack of morality, lack of patience, lack of humility and the list goes on. If we depart from these things, we sow seeds of destruction and by this action or inaction, allow an evil system to develop and grow around us. This has happened and is happening as we speak. We allow it to approach us from all angles with our own compliance in the system it represents. Therefore we must oppose it by principled living. No compromises but disciplined principled living. If we can do that, the system finds little way to compromise us. It cannot find a breach by which to defile, distract or destroy us. For this we must realise what we are capable of in actual reality. We must start to live the potential that is inside each one of us, once we become more consciously aware. This is wholly possible but it is not easy. It takes practice and time. It is something that should naturally be installed in the successive generations. If it is not then the rot sets in fast and so it has. Legislative changes can be made. Policy changes can be made, people can be jailed or set free as suits, but to change the moral fabric of a society takes a generation or more. We are like a freight train with many carriages. We are travelling at speed, with momentum and with a mass behind us, therefore we cannot stop the trend quickly. We may not be able to stop it at all. Only a crisis will shunt people out of the trance they are in. Many who are even aware of the problems are stuck in the systems hamster wheels in one form or another. In this situation, people must physically start to remove themselves from being a part of the problem. If that means avoiding all debt then do so. If it means turning of the TV then do so. For some it will be different to others. Realise that we are also spiritual beings and that the physical is only one aspect of our existance. We are taught to forget this. We are taught to only believe in what is seen with the eyes and yet the eyes are easilly decieved. Don’t be decieved. Great oppression is coming. It is not so far away. It is not something we can ignore and have pass us by. The mentally prepared will have a better chance of prevailing. The mentally and spiritually prepared will not only have an even better chance of prevailing but they will not even need to prevail, for this life is but a flicker or an eye anyway. All things should work towards what follows this life. Only those who think in the short term stumble. Be farsighted. Don’t even let these foolish Bills distract you from that. I don’t like them any more than the next man and i oppose them staunchly for what they represent. Neither will i let them cause me to stumble because they are not my primary concern. All respect and kudos however, to those here who stand against this kind of oppression because it is not just a specific Bill you stand against but the principle behind it.

    • Randje permalink

      That is well said brother. You have an overview most of the snoozing masses lack. It is a sophisticated Virtual Reality Dream we are operating in, and the trick is become LUCID. Things are going to unfold from here on in in quite a different way than supposed, I suppose. Do we need to actively oppose all these shenanigans, or simply withdraw our attention and let it dissolve of its own
      fantasy-nature? Pick your appropriate frequency. I am growing my first garden in many years, in this marvelous land, and I ain;t about to let John Keys spoil my fun!

  57. sarah aroha talbot permalink

    Kia ora, was sent your link from brother in law in America! Hadn’t heard a thing about it until now (have promptly put link on facebook and emailed all gmail associates) was wondering what advice you have for people wanting to be pro – active who aren’t Maori or have no affiliations with marae etc?

    The people I’ve spoken with think this bill is B.S but seem incredulous to it actuality, “that will never happen here”, “the greens, maori party will never let that through”. My partner and I are printing out info and are going to the local farmers market here in Nelson to spread the word.

    If you have any other advice or ideas we would love to put them into action.

    Kia Ora sarah aroha talbot

  58. Maddy permalink

    How will this affect pot luck dinners? That’s processed food traded for other processed food.

    • One Anonymous Bloke permalink

      It won’t. The bill is perfectly clear that it relates to food businesses only. Look at subpart 2 sections 9 & 12 – this is the link for 12: http://www.legislation.govt.nz/bill/government/2010/0160/latest/DLM2996093.html#DLM2996093

      In any kind of pot luck dinner, BBQ etc etc it is perfectly clear that food and other items are not offered for trade or sale but rather as gifts.

      That’s how it seems to me anyway.

      • Actually, it will. If passed. Anyone swapping food at a potluck group is a food business as they are bartering, not giving. They need to be registered if any of them does this kind of thing more than 20 times a year. Weekly potlucks are out, fortnightly also. Monthly ones also if you trade your produce once a month with your neighbour two doors down.

        This is ALL SECONDARY to the question of SEED SHARING though. Confirmed as controlled by Wilkinson herself.

        No good seeds = No Good Food.

        Can’t be clearer than that. Beware of blinkers and rabbit-hole legislation designed to give hopeful serfs straws to grasp at.

  59. One Anonymous Bloke permalink

    (2) To avoid doubt, neither subsection (1)(b)(iv) nor (v) requires
    any ingredient, nutrient, or other constituent of any food or
    drink or anything that is or is intended to be mixed with or
    added to any food or drink to comply, on its own, with the
    applicable requirements of this Act that specifically relate to
    food in its final consumable form.

    This clause means that seeds used for propagation are simply not covered by this legislation – are seeds “food in its final consumable form”?

    If you go and get a market stall to sell food at your local farmers market (at least where I come from) you will be required to demonstrate some awareness of food safety procedures. This is the law as it stands.

    Can someone point me to the specific clauses that you feel are objectionable?

    • Hi OAB,

      Thanks for your interest.

      The thing that is most objectionable about the bill is that it bans the sharing of seeds in networks in its current form. Networks are essential to keep seeds lines alive. The fact of seeds being controlled (in networks) has been confirmed by the Food Safety Minister as in the article below. We will confirm why she is right by quoting her own bill.

      By the way, the clause you quote is irrelevant outside its very layered and conditional context. It also relates to prepared food not raw, which is the primary concern.

      So, from a recent article in the US quoting “the horse’s mouth”, as it were:

      “Kate Wilkinson, New Zealand Minister of Food Safety recently stated to Campbell Live that concerns over the Food Bill were part of some kind of “conspiracy theory” and that she didn’t understand where all this “conspiracy theory” was coming from … but [to answer her question] perhaps she should look at her own statements.

      “Indeed, in a letter to Green MP Sue Kedgley, who has expressed some attenuated level of criticism toward the bill, Wilkinson wrote:

      The barter or selling of propagation food seeds and food seedlings is in scope [of the Bill] . . . However the sale or exchange of seeds for propagation, and seedlings (whether this occurs in the context of a garden centre, a market, or between those in a community of interest), is not intended to be captured.

      Wilkinson openly admits that seeds can and will be controlled under the new food bill. Hardly a conspiracy theory when the antagonist actually admits it to be true.”

      From: http://www.survivalfoodreserves.com/big-pharma/tyrannical-%E2%80%9Chealth-standards%E2%80%9D-of-the-new-world-order , referring to Campbell Live video here: http://www.3news.co.nz/How-the-Food-Bill-could-affect-you/tabid/367/articleID/233631/Default.aspx and Wilkinson’s letter here: http://blog.greens.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/Correspondence-Sue-Kedgley.pdf

      NZ Food Security: Wilkinson has promised to amend the bill so seeds for propagation are not included. They are included under the definition of food in Section 8 as below. But she not has made the amendment yet. People need to watch carefully as to whether she does.

      Many seeds are normally food – all wheat, rice, barley, maize, potatoes, kumara etc etc… seeds for most carbohydrate staples are explicitly Food under the Bill, by virtue of being capable of being eaten as below. The bill potentially extends to seeds for plants where the roots, leaves or fruit are eaten – basically all other seeds. But it specifically makes the staples themselves controlled, so we’re in real trouble if it is not changed (and we don’t counter it).

      8 Meaning of food
      (1) In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires, food—
      (a) means anything that is used, capable of being used, or
      represented as being for use, for human consumption
      (whether raw, prepared, or partly prepared); and
      (b) includes—
      (i) plants; [nzfsec - that's plant material, all plant material, including seeds. You need read no further, especially as the "author" of the bill, Wilkinson, has said the bill covers seeds - unless your programming rejects her own open admission as "conspiracy theory". If people do, they're too asleep to wake up now.]

      On the markets / selling issue, it’s clear in the bill that any undertaking where a group of people sells food more than 20 times a year, they will be subject to Food Control Plans etc. This includes markets, growing cooperatives, intentional communities. See below. Being subject to FCPs will mean Codex Alimentarius compliance (producing crap food) and very expensive compliance costs (financial meltdown, anyone?). Sorry, we just see this all rather clearly, and have done for some time.

      Meaning of food business
      9 Meaning of food business
      In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires, food busi-
      (a) means a business, activity, or undertaking that trades in
      food (whether in whole or in part); and
      (b) includes a business, activity, or undertaking that—
      (i) transports or stores food; [read no further for now.]

      So you’re a “food business” if you produce food and store it and you “sell” any (ie barter, give away food, offer as payment for labour – WWOOfing). You can then only operate under Food Handler Guidance (no registration) if as below you DO NOT SELL FOOD MORE THAN 20 TIMES A YEAR. If you do (like if you feed people in return for ANYTHING, regularly, like at mealtimes) you must be registered and compliant with Codex regulations and cashed up enough to pay the compliance fees in an economy where the financial system is being collapsed on purpose. (Everything comes back to the engineered collapse of the global Fiat money system. You cannot understand this bill outside of that “great work”.)

      94 Exemption if trading in food is for charitable purpose
      (1) This section applies if a person or an organisation (whether a
      body corporate or not)—
      (a) trades in food for a charitable purpose; [this does not include food for work in a cooperative intentional reciprocal arrangement - people growing food together] and
      (b) carries out trading in food for that purpose—
      (i) on a non-commercial scale; and
      (ii) on either of the following:
      (A) an infrequent basis that does not exceed,
      regardless of the location, more than 20
      occasions in each calendar year;
      (B) a regular or frequent basis so long as the
      trading is an ancillary or incidental compo-
      nent of activities being undertaken by the
      person or organisation at the place where
      the trading occurs (for example, a perman-
      ent stall selling donated food at a hospice).
      (2) The person or organisation is exempt from the requirement
      to operate under a registered food control plan or a national

      94A Exemption if trading in food is for personal development
      (1) This section applies if a person or group of persons— [ie intentional communities, hapu, tribes]
      (a) trades in food for a personal development purpose; and
      (b) carries out trading in food for that purpose—
      (i) on a non-commercial scale; and
      (ii) on an infrequent basis that does not exceed, re-
      gardless of the location, more than 20 occasions
      in each calendar year.
      (2) The person or group is exempt from the requirement to operate
      under a registered food control plan or a national programme.
      (3) However, the person or group must operate under any food
      handler guidance that applies to the trade in food concerned.
      (4) In this section, personal development purpose means a pur-
      pose that relates to the intellectual, emotional, physical, social,
      cultural, or other personal development of a person or mem-
      bers of a group.

      We hope this clarifies things, OAB. There are hoops within hoops in this bill. You have to understand all clauses in relation to the whole. To understand the whole, you have to understand where the whole has come from – the global push for universal Codex compliance. (This stuff is happening worldwide, right now – just get on the internet!!) Anyway, that is how you read between the lines and draw conclusions – now confirmed – like unauthorised seed sharing will be illegal. This last is in line with the intention of the Codex architects. It’s their number one goal, in fact – to control seed lines. And since those architects are Kate Wilkinson’s true bosses, we doubt if she will keep her promise to amend the bill so seeds for growing are not controlled. Watch her carefully.

      KIA ORA.

  60. One Anonymous Bloke permalink

    An aside – your comment “HMTQIRONZ will also soon be bankrupt,” is a little bit misleading. Governments, by definition cannot go “bankrupt” because the government “commands the resources of the nation” (hat-tip to Kiwipolitico). That this government chooses to pretend otherwise is a matter between them and the electorate.

    • Hi OAB. You say “Governments, by definition cannot go “bankrupt” ”
      Try telling that to Greece and Iceland. Next month try telling it to Italy and Spain. When do we inform NZ of this universal truth? ;-)
      Actually, we are talking about countries, not governments. Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand is a shadow corporation of the country as represented by the Queen’s rights to this country (which as per the treaty and Declaration, are limited, ironically, to governance – kawanatanga). Thus her rights to governance can be called in against all the debt hooked up by Mr Key and his predecessors. But it should be noted that those rights, called in or otherwise, can at any time be revoked due to Treaty and declaration breaches. So it’s all good.

  61. I’ve been following all this with interest and have written a bit on my blog and Facebook (http://wildpicnic.blogspot.com/2011/10/chewing-over-food-bill.html) containing my interpretation of certain parts of the bill (but my focus has been fairly narrow). I’m going to update it with the points made here about use of WWOOFers.

    I also wanted to clarify that your point about people not being able to sell/swap any kind of cooked or processed food more than 20 times a year relates only to people doing so for some kind of charitable purpose. (I don’t have the exact wording to hand, but can check it, plus correspondence I had with the minister’s office). People who are doing it simply for their own or their community’s general personal wellbeing, satisfaction or gain (without a very specific fundraising purpose in mind) won’t legally be able to do it at all, according to the wording of the bill as it stands.

    • Kia ora Johanna. Read your article in Cuisine/Dish. Good work getting it out there. The key, most most important factor however is SEEDS. Your last article didn’t mention them. Perhaps your next will :-)

      Please refer to the links and comments above that Kate Wilkinson has said. Seeds are set to be controlled, and that is Very Bad News. If they’re controlled, heritage seed networks will be illegal / over-regulated and heritage seed lines will be lost, to be replaced with GMOs / F1 hybrids you can’t raise seed from either 1) without paying 2) without chemicals 3) at all. Throw in a financial collapse and that’s a lot of hungry children.

      Also NB no good seeds means no good food.

      Also, WWOOFers will stop food producers from selling home-grown food up to 20 times a year without being registered, because the food is not being grown alone. All WWOOF-grown food will be subject to regulation (ie Codex, see below).

      Referring to your point above, about my point, you can’t sell ANY KIND of food, raw or processed, more than 20 times a year either individually or as a group and possibly WITHIN a group (that’s intentional communities – hippie communes), or as a charity if giving away food is your main purpose (as in “food charity”) – without being registered and subject to regulations (and these will be Codex Alimentarius regulations – ie your food must be nutritionless, irraditated, dead food).

      Just read Sections 94 and 94a as posted above, it’s clear as a bell.

      Some farm gate sale may be exempt from this, however. But what if you live on a quiet road? ;-)

      Note also that “sale” includes GIVING AWAY, especially if done for promotional purposes, also bartering, selling, exchanging for any valuable consideration (WWOOFing – ie work). See meaning of sale at Section 12.

      So with regards charity, soup kitchens are illegal. Their giving away food is arguably promotional because people tell others they got a free feed and the others go there.

      We have to be literal because you add up the literals in this bill and it locks down food in a total control system.

      To sum up, if you grow food and sell or give it away more than 20 times a year, even possibly within an intentional community, you’re going to be subject to registration costs and conditions that will be so onerous and undesirable as to make the undertaking impossible. Basically, if you want to live in a tribal / traditional Maori hapu manner, everyone growing food and seeds and sharing it in exchange for their labour – in the way ALL our ancestors lived – you will not be able to if you are subject to this legislation.

      The tupuna are NOT HAPPY about this. And they do not wish us to be subject to this legislation. Go and find a tohunga, Johanna, and ask them if any of the above is a lie. Ah, maybe Rose Pere, she’s sharp and approachable. It will make an interesting story ;-)

      KIA ORA.

      PS we were journalists too, once. Mainstream. Until we realised that the important stories – Codex, Fiat money’s unsustainability, and the nature of our court system (admiralty) etc – that’s food, the ability to trade, and freedom – were never going to get a look-in. And that Govt duplicity/spin/mind control via PR was lapped up by an increasingly credulous and stingy media that cared for truth not at all. Long live the internet!

      • Thanks – yes, as I said my focus was narrow. A lot was being written about the seeds issue and I wanted to take a different tack (in both the article and my Facebook note). However, I’m well aware of the seeds problem, and did make a point of covering it in the Facebook note (although, yes, I focused up front and primarily on the issue of home-processed foods).

        I’m waiting with baited breath to see if the promised amendment to the bill happens to remove seeds from its capture. And I’m definitely ready to make a fuss if it doesn’t.

        We might be talking at cross-purposes over sections 94 and 94a. What I’m saying is that you HAVE to be fundraising or working for a charitable purpose to be able to sell/barter/swap certain home-processed food even just 20 times a year.

        For people who don’t fit into the Bill’s narrow definition of fundraising or working for a charitable purpose, it is worse. You cannot even make these transactions 20 times a year. You cannot, under the bill’s current wording, do them AT ALL (without registration etc.)

        Does that make sense? Tell me if you think I’ve interpreted it wrongly – or if I’ve misunderstood what you are saying.

      • Hi Johanna. Good on you! 94 and 94a are exemptions from registration, you’re right… except you can be exempt for reasons of “personal development” as well as charity/fundraising, again as long as you trade no more than 20 times a year. However, by saying what is allowed – minimal trading under certain conditions – it also says what is not, ie regular trading under the same conditions. That’s our take on it.

        This is a big one, because as we mentioned above 94a exempts groups of people, arguably trading/sharing/giving among themselves for their “physical development” (ie nutrition) less than 20 times a year. This would mean all the intentional communities in the country growing and sharing food more than 20 times a year would need to be registered and compliant. All the new eco-villages and old hippie communes etc. Not to mention maraes and community gardens. Basically, things on which you can rely if the system fails. Ouch!

        Thought your facebook info was expansive and well-informed :-) KIA ORA.

  62. The note where I went more into detail (on the home-processed food issue) is here: https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=289877337707788

    There’s a lot there that I couldn’t say in the Taste article for numerous reasons.

  63. Thanks for your reply. I hope so much that the pressure you and others are exerting and awareness you are raising does ensure that seeds are ‘released’ from the Bill.

    I know what you are saying about the interpretation of ‘personal development’. I puzzled over this, and the lawyer I was dealing with when writing the article thought at first that the meaning could be quite broad … but I ended up asking the Minister’s office about it, and they were adamant that it had a fairly narrow meaning to do with fundraising for things like specific one-off purposes (school sports teams trips etc.) – I will dig it out and send you the relevant bit of their reply,

  64. Maria permalink

    Hi NZFoodSecurity,
    I tried asking if I could become a member of a Hapu as per suggested way up on the post above, but I rec’d the below response.

    Kia ora Raina
    You are not able to join a Hapū, traditionally you have to whakapapa (family tree) to that hapū/marae.

    Perhaps I asked the wrong question, is there a difference between being a member and being adopted into a Hapu? Forgive my ignorance. I have tried to spread the word to everyone I know, it’s quite upsetting to find people are so placid and don’t seem concern at all about what’s coming. It’s scary what this government has been getting away with regards to aligning us closer and closer to the globalists agenda! If people do not wake up in this country, soon we are going to find ourselves trying to get out of concentration camps!!
    I’ve learned a lot from this site and all the comments, thank you all for posting feedback:)

    Suggest we purchase Heirloom Seeds while there is still time.
    Under the Bill can we plant, harvest and share with family members?
    We have a big family (30 plus) if say we were to share our seeds with each other, seeing as it’s not for business, will this be allowed?

    • Quick response – you have to be customarily adopted – become a whangai of the hapu. This way you do not whakapapa. It can take some time, unless you establish an instant connection. Thing is, maori sovereignty is the only sure way (or at least the right and most sure way) to pull yourself and your family out from under the Crown/ legislation. Maori need to know this as much as white people. Everyone needs to learn, and fast.

      We’d suggest going back. Find the kaumatua – elder – for the local hapu that has mana whenua for your rohe (area). They should whakapapa (trace ancestry) back to the signatory of the treaty for their area. Take food (koha), perhaps some heirloom seeds. Be super-respectful, and explain your concerns from your heart. Go with a good heart. Be careful, they can sometimes read your mind!

      We’ll think about the family sharing question and get back.

      Good luck and well done :-)

      • Maria permalink

        Thank you, appreciate your super fast response. Will start looking into what you have suggested above and look forward to your feedback re the family sharing question. Take care for now.

        PS, what’s your name?

  65. JHume permalink

    Dictatorship validated by calculated fears.
    I am stunned. NZ is a member of the Commonwealth. All Commonwealth countries
    should be on high alert. this is quite terrifying.

    • Shirley Moran permalink

      expat Shirley Moran
      I agree – this is terrifying. As a cancer sufferer I will only eat food which I have grown or I can buy from my local farmers market. Because of the mindless use of GMF, we can no longer get selenium from commercially grown cabbage – that is just one example of essential minerals which have been taken from us. Please, please New Zealanders take a stand (as we did in the 70′s) You are a nation of thinking, acting people – don’t become like Australia where the population are too comfortable to make a stand against anything unless they start drilling on your own back yard. Our food is our future we leave to our children and grandchildren. Don’t accept the crazy minded American greedies to push such things through and let your government know in no uncertain terms that it is not going to be tolerated. I am too old and sick to take up a banner but I will certainly spread the word here. My proudest moments were when we Kiwis stopped the support for the Vietnam war, the racist activities in South Africa, the banning of nuclear ships in our ports … and so on. Where are the pollies of that era, who had the backbone so obviously missing in the modern-day crop Action not rhetoric. All strength to your arm.

  66. Gail Lorimer permalink


  67. Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I find It really useful & it helped me out a lot. I’m hoping to give something back and help others like you helped me.

  68. Julia Powers Ross permalink

    I am astounded and enraged at yet another sneaky ambush on my rights as a free new zealander. I will continue to grow, share, barter and give away food & seeds & seedlings I grow if I want to. I will continue to buy fresh produce, baking, jam and pickle from the local farmers market, school stalls, church fetes and any where else in my local community that I want to. I will happily patronise a foodstuffs blackmarket. Go on nz govt…punish me, put me in prison, fine me out of existence…I have a very loud voice and I will make it heard !!! HOW DARE YOU !!!

    • Sandy permalink

      nzfoodsecurity, are you very confident about your information? It seems that this web page is causing a lot of people fear, anger and sadness. It would be a shame to do this to people if the truth wasn’t as bad as things sound here.

      Don’t you think things are getting blown out of proportion?

      • Hi Sandy. We’re certain about the details of the bill, yes. It could be used to shut down heritage seed networks and make us beholden to big seed companies. The Minister has herself confirmed that her bill controls seeds and has promised to change it (she’s now backtracking though, it seems). We’re certain also that people growing food cooperatively as they see fit (ie not subject to codex regulations) would not be able to share it, even among themselves, if the letter of the bill/ act (note, not ‘law’) is adhered to.

        This is very big stuff. If your ancestors were not allowed to share seeds or grow food and share it in their communities as they saw fit, then you would not be alive today. For a reality check on this point, you need go back no more than a couple of generations – what would your grandmother say? If she was told she could not get seeds from her neighbour in exchange for some milk?

        Of course the government line is “yes, this is all true, but we would not enforce it. we need these powers to be broad so we can close loopholes”. Well, we’re not worried about this government, more about its successor when the financial system totally collapses, as it is geometrically certain to do short of continuous savings-diluting Baal-outs. (Baal? Yes, it is absolutely a Babylonian system. They invented interest on money, which is the root of the problem.)

        We’re sorry if this news is upsetting people. Folks always react when they are taken out of their comfort zone. We’re just doing this before someone else does it in a worse way.

        KIA ORA>

      • Sandy permalink

        Perhaps then I have some good news for you and your readers. I’ve had a bit of a read through the bill myself after you’ve pointed out some things, and I’m going with Adam’s comments (below). It seems that much of the fear is unfounded and based on uncertainty and lack of knowledge.

        For instance, section 322 talks about the immunity from prosecution. Reading through this it seems that the agent is only immune if they are carrying out their required duties in good faith and with reasonable cause. So no carte blanch permission to act however they feel. And there are no issues with growing or trading seeds either. The act only applies to food businesses who process seeds as a consumable (e.g. nut bars, muesli etc).

        Like I said above, there are a lot of people who are getting angry and scared due to a lack of independent information. Perhaps you might wish to reassure your readers by directing them to the article found here:http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10776922

        I’ve found it a well researched opinion piece that answers a lot of the questions people are having, and will hopefully leave them better informed and less anxious about the situation. As it says in the article, NZ had the highest rate of food poisoning amongst developed nations. I think it’s time some procedures were tightened.

      • Hi Sandy, well yes there are plenty of people out there who don’t believe the Minister herself whose name is at the top of the bill and says the bill controls seeds for growing as is. They’ve watched too much TV and drunk too much fluoridated water, can totally handle doublethink and are not going to get it in this lifetime!

        Good faith and reasonable cause is adhering to the letter of the legislation, so they have total immunity for them to do what the bill gives them power to. Unless their Principal (Minister) has been served with a Claim of Right by affected parties (must be done before 31 March when amendments to Crimes Act will obfuscate the validity of a Claim thereafter).

        Beyond that (and maybe including that) let’s agree to disagree :-)

        KIA ORA.

      • Sandy permalink

        My apologies. I don’t wish to drag you into an online debate. So I will keep it short.

        I must admit that I wasn’t adequately able to understand your first paragraph. So could you point out where it says sharing of seeds is controlled? I had a read through the bill and found 13 occurrences of the word “seed” or “seeds”. The cases typically read “food businesses that process or handle nuts or seeds for consumption”. It even states under several sections that producers of seeds, or food businesses that minimally process them are excluded.

        So I have no clue where people are getting the misconception that growing seeds for your own use will be restricted, or even trading them. Well, apart from not verifying information they encounter from poorly informed sources, of course ;-)

      • it’s not a misconception. seeds are food in many cases, basically most staples – grains, maize, potatoes, rice etc etc.
        all other seeds are food by virtue of being plant material and capable of being eaten.
        seeds have been confirmed by minister as controlled, amendments promised, not forthcoming: http://blog.greens.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/Correspondence-Sue-Kedgley.pdf
        posted many times around the site ;-)
        intentions understood when we know that biotech co’s fund the US FAO, which is driving codex alimentarius, and the Food Bill is NZ’s WTO Codex compliance legislation. Look it up!
        Kia ora Sandy.

  69. Julia Powers Ross permalink

    Why does my comment require ‘moderating’…I am telling the truth – BEING TRANSPARENT – about how I feel regarding this issue, I will not profit from my stance but I will eat what I want and I will share my food with anyone who needs or wants it. Ghandi, Emmaline Pankhurst advocated civil disobedience and they were right !

    • It’s to keep the trolls at bay, Julia ;-)
      Good on you for sharing…the least of yours brothers etc… (and sisters).

  70. Miriam permalink

    This is really scary, what is New Zealand coming to. Not at all happy about this. We need to get together and stop such things.

  71. Adam permalink

    These articles seem to be slightly misleading. This bill(act) covers ‘trading’, ie the exchange of food for goods, services or reward(money), it doesnt place any restrictions on either growing your own food, or sharing it with friends and family(as long as its not ‘traded’).
    In laymans terms, as I understand it, it pretty much requires anyone who sells food to comply with certain guidelines in order to ensure its safe and suitable for consumption, something I myself have no problem with.
    While warrentless searches will be allowed, and are possibly slightly worrying, food safety officers (who get appointed by the chief executive of the ministry, not by private CEOs, as you seem to imply) are still required to give reasonable notice and conduct it at a reasonable time, unless this would defeat the purpose, ie give offenders time to dispose evidence.
    ‘Immunity from criminal and civil prosection’ by the officers also would only apply to anything done within the powers given by act, ie damaging a food container to gain access, so they cant just do whatever they want, as is implied.
    As for ‘armed raids’, thats pure scaremongering, while the act does say that the officers can use any equipment deemed necessary, the notion that they will even be issued/given acess to weapons, let alone powers to use them is absurd, the very fact that the act states that equipment must ‘be free from contamination’ and ‘in good working order’ indicated to me that they mean food collecting/monitoring/testing kit, not weapons, also any police present would be constrained by their guidelines for use of force anyway, if they were going to consider being armed

    • comments throughout :-)

      prologue… you have to read the bill with a bit of background knowledge to see its intention clearly, for eg engineered financial collapse – wait and see what the rising price of oil this year (Iran) does to the world economy and thus defaults/repo’s within the global fractional reserve banking system. Then, the fact you can’t grow food with others (you can still do it on your own) and share it will, as it were, really bite. Throw in the fact the bill controls seeds, as confirmed by Wilkinson, and you have you have a perfect setup for GE and hybrid seed companies taking over the general seed lines, which means no seed reproduction and/or shite food.

      Also Adam, your namesake took a bite from the fruit of a certain tree that is the model for the debt-backed dualistic monetary system that is about to severely mess itself. With a bit of oil-related spooking from futures traders. Look into it. That is the context…

      These articles seem to be slightly misleading. This bill(act) covers ‘trading’, ie the exchange of food for goods, services or reward(money), it doesnt place any restrictions on either growing your own food, or sharing it with friends and family(as long as its not ‘traded’).
      >> The defintion of sale in the bill includes giving away, if the act of giving away is in any way an advertisement for the action… ie if people talk about it and it happens more. like food banks trading more than 20 days a year. if you get given food for helping others grow it the givers are subject to regulation (which will be codex alimentarius-based).
      In laymans terms, as I understand it, it pretty much requires anyone who sells food to comply with certain guidelines in order to ensure its safe and suitable for consumption, something I myself have no problem with.
      >> yeah codex regulations for any people within a community who collectively grow food and share it among themselves – “sell it ” (that’s like your ancestors adam… well those who got kicked outta eden and had to grow stuff ;-)
      While warrentless searches will be allowed, and are possibly slightly worrying, food safety officers (who get appointed by the chief executive of the ministry, not by private CEOs, as you seem to imply) are still required to give reasonable notice and conduct it at a reasonable time, unless this would defeat the purpose, ie give offenders time to dispose evidence.
      >> i don’t think we imply private ceo’s from agribusiness firms will appoint their employees as food safety officers. rather that the ministry will, on their behalf, because they’re all mates down the lodge. however, while we are on the subject of private companies, the ministry is a corporation listed on dunne and bradstreet (search for it, everyone… even the police is a corporation), and to top it all the crown is a US-registered corporation listed with the US securities and exchange commission in washington, id # 216105, see http://www.secinfo.com/$/SEC/Registrant.asp?CIK=216105 – check it and NOTE THE US FLAG ;-)
      ‘Immunity from criminal and civil prosection’ by the officers also would only apply to anything done within the powers given by act, ie damaging a food container to gain access, so they cant just do whatever they want, as is implied.
      >> yep also them nicking all seeds, food and food growing items. immunity from theft under the most basic terms of common law.
      As for ‘armed raids’, thats pure scaremongering,
      >>no, it’s not. police will automatically be food safety officers (search the bill for “constable”) and they are allowed to carry guns. A lot of people have been saying they will shoot any thieves who come on their land trying to take their food or seeds. And fair enough. So any Policy Enforcement Officers (that is what Police means… just look at euro cops, they’re called Policie) who are worried about angry peasants with pitchforks they’re likely to severely piss off by trespassing into their private lives and business will possibly as a matter of course bring a gun. I would. I’d be F****** ashamed though.

    • Hi Sean, you can’t sign an online petition. Also, MPs do not represent the people anyway. As soon as they are voted in and they enter the House of Representatives, they swear an oath to serve the Queen, not the people. The Queen is obligated under Te Tiriti o Waitangi to provide governmental services (kawanatanga) as a trustee for the people of this land. However this kawanatanga is subject to the 1835 Whakaputanga, the Declaration of Independence of this country, which says that no legislative body shall be appointed except by the hereditary chiefs of the united tribes of the country. Thus the representatives of the Queen are subject to her and in this country she is subject to and deriving power from the chiefs who still retain de jure power of veto to new legislation. The Food Bill is just one bit of a raft of legislation that is being snuck through the house without the MPs even knowing what it’s about. It was passed unanimously at first reading, yet know the greens and labour are threatening to pull their votes for a second reading now. What changed? They got informed, and more importantly the people got informed. MPs had no idea what the bill was actually about, nor do they about, say, the TPPA acts which will no doubt slide through too. Parliament needs an Upper House to slow stuff down so it can be examined properly. The Whakaminenga (assembly) of the chiefs of the United Tribes is the only constitutionally valid body to form an upper house until it votes in something else. Apparently there’s even a space ready for them in the Beehive, like an empty room. Men of honour and royal blood need to be in this house, ones with a valid claim. These are the old men in the marae all over the country, men who were brought up knowing tikanga and kaitikitanga – traditional practices and guardianship relating to the wellbeing of all in their districts. It seems their knowledge is needed now – if only to put a brake on a legislature that is uninformed, out of control and misrepresentative of the people of this land. Then THEY can order Monsanto out!!

  72. Rachael Kavanagh permalink

    Wow! They must be getting chicken! I’ve just gone into the govt site, and it seems if you search for anything pertaining to Purpose and power – you end up at a dead link! – If you have it, or can access it, can you please send me the link re: officers carrying guns, and not requiring a warrant, so i can pop up on a video (no one believes me)!

    264 Purposes of powers in sections 265 to 272 and 274 to 276

    265 Powers to facilitate entry, search, and seizure

    273 Means of exercising powers in sections 265 to 272

    …of exercising powers in sections 265 to 272 (1) This section…
    …to the powers in sections 265 to 272. (2) A food…

    294 Powers under search warrant

  73. Hoagy permalink

    Great work, nzfoodsecurity.

    I came the page (link below), Review of NZFSA risk management processes underway, which seems to be how codex etc was infiltrated into NZ. Some quotes:
    1 Feb 2008

    In mid-December last year Food Safety Minister Lianne Dalziel announced that internationally-renowned food safety expert Dr Stuart Slorach would be undertaking the review.

    Food Safety Minister Lianne Dalziel has stated: “Dr Slorach has extensive experience in this area. He was Chair of the Management Board of the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) during its critical establishment phase, and Chair of the international food standards setting agency, the Codex Alimentarius.”
    Mission accomplished for Mr Slorach.

  74. PeterNZ permalink

    Sorry I said it before but nobody can take an anonymous website serious. Why don’t you show some balls and add a “Who we are” section to your web page and show your face? I am on the same side as you are. But I hate to see a waste of time and energy in this matter. I see the risk that people’s opinion published here is wasted. That people get the feeling they have done something against this bill by posting on a web page which due to its anonymity might not achieve much. Where do you differ from the online petition you rightly describe as useless?

    If you want to do something and not only publish words, show your face and names. What do you have to hide? Otherwise this is a waste of time and me personally won’t support it. And I am actually surprised that journalists and a member of parliament are taking part in this discussion.

    Any action opposing the food bill needs to have some weight by showing who stands behind it. Who tells me that you are not a pro-government organisation who just want to “absorb” some of the opposition? Wouldn’t that be a clever move?


    Peter Niepel (yes my real full name!)

  75. Sandy permalink

    Hi. For some reason, one of my questions vanished from the comments section after being there for about a day. I had seen you have a donations button and was asking what the money was going to be used for.

    Was this a sensitive subject?

  76. What is unlawful and yet is made legal should be dismissed. History is littered with this situation and many people lay down and take it. We should not lay down at all because we then participate in the encroachment of the tyranny. It makes us complicit.

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